Community Services


Professors Salah Hassan and Robert Dyer of the GW School of Business’ Marketing Department designed and offered an executive development program for officials of the Information Solution Group of the World Bank, during spring 2006. The program was offered under the auspices of the Leadership Center of the College of Professional Studies. Dr. Hassan and Dr. Dyer spent several days interviewing World Bank officials at headquarters about the role of information technology given the Bank’s mission and operation in country field offices throughout the world. Based on this information, an executive development course was created for ISG managers on the Internal Marketing of information technologies.

worldbank2Mini-lectures on internal marketing processes, case studies of “best practices” in public and private sectors organizations, and course literature were employed. The highlight of the course was the strategic marketing insights work performed by participants and their presentation on a “live” case which was custom –designed for the program by Professor Hassan. The case study dealt with an internal brand management strategy of “My Portal,” an internet platform used by all Bank personnel in world-wide operations.