Sponsored Projects

Presented in cooperation with the Department of Marketing, School of Business, The Direct Marketing Association of Washington held its 4th Annual E-Marketing Day at The George Washington University on Friday, October 13, 2006.


Community Services

Professors Salah Hassan and Robert Dyer of the GW School of Business’ Marketing Department designed and offered an executive development program for officials of the Information Solution Group of the World Bank, during spring 2006. The program was offered under the auspices of the Leadership Center of the College of Professional Studies.


Professional Organizations

International Advertising Association Diploma

iaaThe International Advertising Association’s (IAA) professional development mission is to develop state of the art education programs for preparing individuals for the marketing communications industry of the 21st century. This is an ongoing task, and is in large part carried out by IAA’s accredited institutes – leading universities, colleges, and professional schools located throughout the world. Graduate and Undergraduate students who complete a required list of courses may apply to receive IAA Diploma in Marketing Communications.