Directory of Members 2015-2016

Mr. David W. Asper, MS 1972*
Global Leader, Venture Development Group
A.T. Kearney
Chicago, IL
Mr. Justin C. Bakewell, MBA 2009
Brown Advisory
Washington, DC
Mr. Edward R. Barrientos, MBA 1990
President & Chief Executive Officer
ARC Second, Inc.
Sterling, VA
Mr. Charles R. Bendit, BBA 1975
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Taconic Investment Partners
New York, NY
Mr. Mitchell E. Blaser, BBA 1973 and former GW parent
Chief Operating Officer of Ironshore Inc., Chief Executive Officer of Ironshore’s Bermuda office, and Chief Executive Officer of Iron-Starr Excess Agency Ltd. Hamilton, Bermuda
Ms. Christine Brown-Quinn, MBA 1992*
Managing Director
Women in Business (WIB) Consulting, Ltd.
London, United Kingdom
Mr. John J. Calaman, former GW parent
Senior Vice President/Investments
New York, NY
Mr. James L. Carruthers, Jr.,
MBA 1980
Sophos Capital Management, LP
Menlo Park, CA
Mr. Kenneth B. Chaletzky, BBA 1971
President & Chief Executive Officer
Copy General Corporation
Sterling, VA
 Mr. Daron F. Coates, EMBA 1996*
Managing Director
Think Box Group, LLC.
Arlington, VA
Mr. George A. Coelho, MBA 1977, GW Trustee
Managing Director
Good Energies, LLP
London, United Kingdom

Mr. Matthew R. Cohen, BBA 2008,
MBA 2011
AlphaTerra Partners
New York, NY
Mr. Alan M. Davis, BBA 1982
Managing Director
Eastdil Secured
Washington, DC
Ms. Denise L. Dombay, BAccy 1988
Senior Finance Business Partner, IT
Marriott International
Bethesda, MD
Dr. Slim Feriani, MBA 1989, PhD 1996
Chairman & CIO
GCA Asset Management
CIO and Senior International and Strategic Advisor
ROI Land Investments
London, UK
Mr. Lawrence N. Gumberg, GW Parent
LG Realty Advisors, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
Mr. Brian Herrman, BBA 1977
President, China-America Healthcare
Canton, CT
Mr. Jonathan J. Hochberg, BBA 1985
Hillview Capital Advisors, LLC
New York, NY
Mr. Philip S. Hunter, BBA 1964
President & Chief Executive Officer
Hunter Associates Laboratory
Reston, VA
Mr. Mark J. Levine, MBA 1978
Managing Director
Core Capital Partners
Washington, DC
Ms. Robin K. Liebowitz, BBA 1985,
MBA 1987
Founder and CEO
Larchmont, NY
Mr. Steven M. Merdinger, BBA 1976
Senior Partner
New York, NY
 Ms. Mary M. Miller, MBA 1978
Universal Banker
IBERIABANK Corporation
Washington, DC
 Mr. Brian V. Moran, MS 2007
Chief Executive Officer
Government CIO
Columbia, MD
Ms. Carolyn G. Potter,
MBA 2001, BBA 1999

The Carrie Potter Group, LLC.
Houston, TX
Mr. William V. Quinn, MBA 1992
Fast4ward Consulting Group
Gambrills, MD
Mr. Michael S. Quinn, BA 1984
Q Advisors LLC
Denver, CO
Mr. André R. Rogers, BS 1988
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Enlightened, Inc.
Washington, DC
Mr. Steven S. Ross, BBA 1981, GW Trustee
Senior Vice President
RBC Wealth Management
Washington, DC
Mr. Howard B. Rubin, BBA 1981 and current GW parent
Managing Member and Chief Operating Officer
Midwood Capital Management, LLC
Boston, MA
 Mr. John Santaguida. BBA 1984
Chief Executive Officer
McMorgan & Company LLC
San Fransicso, CA
Mr. Mark R. Shenkman, MBA 1967, GW Trustee
Founder & President
Shenkman Capital Management
Greenwich, CT
Mr. Eduardo Stern, MBA 1984, current GW Parent
Managing Director and Partner
Landstar Homes
Coral Gables, FL
Ms. Susan L. Selby, MBA 1985
Co-Owner, Selby Winery
Healdsbury, CA
Mr. Avram S. Tucker, BBA 1977, GW Trustee
Chief Executive Officer
TM Financial Forensics, LLC
San Francisco, CA
Mr. Gregory Vallarino, MBA 2015*
Senior Consultant, Strategy and Analytics
Washington, DC
Mr. George W. Wellde, Jr., MBA 1976, GW Trustee
Board Member,
Fortress Investment Group LLC
New York, NY
Mr. Christopher G. Young, BBA 1980,
MS 1983
Deloitte Consulting, LLP
Arlington, VA
Ms. Jane M.H. Zaloudek, MBA 1986
Wealth Manager, Principal
San Francisco, CA
Mr. William N. Ziegler, BBA 1981
Ziegler Resources, LLC
New York, NY

Dean’s Encore Circle

Mr. J. Henry Ambrose, MBA 1993

Vice President, State Public Policy (Ret.)
Verizon Communications
Washington, DC

Mr. Thomas L. di Galoma, MBA 1985 & current GW parent

Co-Head of Fixed Income Trading
ED&F Man Capital Markets
New York, NY

Mr. F. David Fowler, Former Dean

The George Washington University
School of Business
Potomac, MD

Ms. Madelyn P. Jennings, Friend

Senior Vice President of HR (Ret.)
The Gannett Co., Inc.
Falls Church, VA

Ms. Victoria P. Lazzell, MBA 1980

Senior Vice President
Boston Private Bank & Trust Company
Boston, MA

Mr. Malcolm Lovell, Friend

Former Under-Secretary of Labor
Ronald Reagan Administration
Washington, DC

Ms. Louise Lynch, Friend

Chairman Emeritus
Courtesy Associates
Washington, DC

Mr. C. Jackson Ritchie, Jr., Friend

President (Ret.)
H Street Building Corporation
Arlington, VA

Mr. Randall B. Roe, MBA 1977

Vice Chairman
Burns and Roe, Inc.
Washington, DC

Mr. John W. Rollins, Jr., Friend

CEO and Chairman (Ret.)
Aztech Software Corporation
Washington, DC
Mr. John W. Asher, III, MSA 1973 and former GW parent
Chairman and CEO
US China Business Solutions, Inc. and Asher | Global Leaders in Sales Strategies
Washington, DC
Mr. Roland K. Bullard, II, BA 1966, MBA 1969
President and CEO
FastShip, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
The Hon. Mary Jo Jacobi-Jephson, MBA 1976
Alexandria, VA
Mr. Pete L. Manos, BA 1956, MA 1961
President and CEO (Ret.)
Giant Food, Inc.
Annapolis, MD
Mr. Daniel Mateleska, MSHA 1974
MW Medical Management Associates
Cumberland, RI
Maj. Gen. Kenneth L. Robinson, USMC (Ret.), MS 1969
President and CEO (Ret.)
National Association of Federal Credit Unions
Waco, TX
Adm. Ronald J. Zlatoper, USN (Ret.), MS 1970
The Estate of James Campbell
Honolulu, HI

Blue/members of the Executive Committee
*/New members (2015-2016)