Shraddha Gawankar

photo - Shraddha Gawankar

Shraddha Gawankar

Visiting Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences

2201 G St. NW Washington, D.C. 20052

Dr. Shraddha Gawankar is a visiting assistant professor of Decision Sciences at the George Washington University School of Business. She received her doctorate from the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) in Mumbai, India, in 2015, specializing in supply chain performance measurement. Her teaching and research interests include operations management, supply chain management, and data and programming for analytics. Her research work is inclined towards understanding the impact of emerging technologies on supply chain performance. Much of her research use large-scale field data to identify causal relationships that generate new scholarly insights regarding the connections between operational factors, decision-making, and performance.

She is the author of the book Supply Chain Performance Measurement — Towards Business Excellence and her research has been published in top multi-disciplinary management journals, including the International Journal of Production Research, the International Journal of Production Economics, and Process Safety and Environmental Protection.

Shraddha considers herself a teacher and researcher and sees an interesting duality in the two roles. “In the classroom, my research background helps me to create unique content that is particularly tailored to students’ interests while being academically rigorous. Recently the Verobert branding agency selected her for the “Excellent Researcher Award (Female)” in their 2019 Global Excellence Recognition Awards for her contributions to research.

Shraddha is passionate about teaching, and her pedagogy is based on two ideas:

  1. Never forget to remain a student while you teach others
  2. Strive to move from "average" to "simple," as the average teacher explains complexity but the gifted teacher reveals simplicity