I2SDS Technical Reports: 2014

“The Destination-Loader-Door Assignment Problem for Automated Package Sorting Centers”,
Technical Report TR-2014-1 – Ahmad I. Jarrah, Bard Xiangtong Qi, Jonathan F.

“Bayesian Modelling of Time Series of Counts”,
Technical Report TR-2014-2 – Refik Soyer, Tevfik Aktekin, Bumsoo Kim

“Information Theory and Bayesian Reliability Analysis: Recent Advances”,
Technical Report TR-2014-3 – Nader Ebrahimi, Ehsan S. Soofi, Refik Soyer

“Kalman Filtering and Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models”,
Technical Report TR-2014-4 – Refik Soyer

“Effectiveness – Equity Tradeoffs in the Aggregation of Preferences”,
Technical Report TR-2014-5 – Srinivas Prasad

“Understanding Particle Filtering”,
Technical Report TR-2014-6 – Nicholas G. Polson, Refik Soyer, Refik Soyer