I2SDS Technical Reports: 2012

“Preference Profile Estimation in Multiple Criteria Discrete Alternative Problems”,
Technical Report TR-2012-1 – Srinivas Y. Prasad, Moises Sudit, Mark H. Karwan, Stanley Zionts

“Warm-Start Heuristic for Stochastic Portfolio Optimization with Fixed and Proportional Transaction Costs”,
Technical Report TR-2012-2 – Tiago P. Filomena, Miguel A. Lejeune

“Simulation-Based Two-Stage Stochastic Programming with Recourse”,
Technical Report TR-2012-3 – Tahir Ekin, Nicholas G. Polson, Refik Soyer

“Estimating Pareto Optimal Solutions from Preference Profiles”,
Technical Report TR-2012-4 – Srinivas Y. Prasad, Moises Sudit, Mark H. Karwan, Stanley Zionts

“Urban water demand forecasting: A state-of-the-art review”,
Technical Report TR-2012-5 – Emmanuel A. Donkor, Thomas A. Mazzuchi, Refik Soyer, J. Alan Robertson

“A Model of Stochastic Beta With Stochastic Volatility”,
Technical Report TR-2012-6 – Brian J. Henderson, Jonathan R. Stroud

“Bayesian Analysis of the Discrete Time Single and Multiple Server Queues”,
Technical Report TR-2012-7 – Toros Calgar, Refik Soyer

“Games and Decisions in Reliability and Risk Analysis”,
Technical Report TR-2012-8 – Jason R. W. Merrick, Fabrizio Ruggeri, Refik Soyer, L. Robin Keller

“A Stochastic Model for Assessing the Utility of Chance”,
Technical Report TR-2012-9 – Sudip Bose

“ISO 9000 Impact on Product Quality in a Defense Procurement Environment”,
Technical Report TR-2012-10 – Paul Blessner, Thomas A. Mazzuchi, Shahram Sarkani

“Using Model-Based Systems Engineering as a Framework for Improving Test and Evaluation Activities”,
Technical Report TR-2012-11 – Eileen A. Bjorkman, Thomas A. Mazzuchi, Shahram Sarkani

“Test and Evaluation Resource Allocation Using Uncertainty Reduction as a Measure of Test Value”,
Technical Report TR-2012-12 – Eileen A. Bjorkman, Thomas A. Mazzuchi, Shahram Sarkani

“Volatility around the Clock: Bayesian Modeling and Forecasting of Intraday Volatility in the Financial Crisis”,
Technical Report TR-2012-13 – Jonathan Stroud, Michael Johannes

“Predicting Gridlocks in Emergency Departments: A Bayesian Discrete Time Queueing Theoretic Approach”,
Technical Report TR-2012-14 – Toros Calgar, Refik Soyer

“Effectiveness-Equity Models for Facility Location Problems on Tree Networks”,
Technical Report TR-2012-15 – Miguel Lejeune, Srinivas Prasad

“Identification of Temporary Disaster Debris Management Sites using Binomial Cluster Analysis”,
Technical Report TR-2012-16 – S. Grzeda, Thomas A. Mazzuchi, Shahram Sarkani