I2SDS Technical Reports: 2009

“A Markov Modulated Poisson Model for Software Reliability”,
Technical Report TR-2009-1 – Joshua Landon, Süleyman Özekici, Refik Soyer

“An Information Theoretic Framework for Data Disclosure”,
Technical Report TR-2009-2 – Kurt Plughoeft, Ehsan Soofi, Refik Soyer

“Bayesian Analysis of Abandonment in Call Center Operations”,
Technical Report TR-2009-3 – Tevfik Aktekin, Refik Soyer

“On The Relaxation of Probabilistically Constrained Stochastic Programming Problems with Random Right-hand Sides”,
Technical Report TR-2009-4 – Miguel Lejeune, A. Prepoka

“On the Sample Information about Parameter and Prediction”,
Technical Report TR-2009-5 – Nader Ebrahimi, Ehsan Soofi, Refik Soyer

“A Statistical Model for Estimating Combined Schedule and Cost Risks”,
Technical Report TR-2009-6 – Theodore Glickman, Junghee Hahn

“A VaR Black-Litterman Model for the Construction of Absolute Return Fund-of-Funds”,
Technical Report TR-2009-7 – Miguel Lejeune

“Combinatorial Patterns for Probabilistically Constrained Optimization Problems”,
Technical Report TR-2009-8 – Miguel Lejeune

“Information Measures in Perspective”,
Technical Report TR-2009-9 – Nader Ebrahimi, Ehsan S. Soofi, Refik Soyer

“Generalized Diagonal Band Copulae with Two-Sided Generating Densities”,
Technical Report TR-2009-10 – Samuel Kotz, J. R. van Dorp

“On Some Elicitation Procedures for Distributions with Bounded Support with Applications in PERT”,
Technical Report TR-2009-11 – J. R. van Dorp

“An Oil Outflow Model for Tanker Collisions and Groundings”,
Technical Report TR-2009-12 -Giel van de Wiel, J. R. van Dorp

“On a Risk Management Analysis of Oil Spill Risk using Maritime Transportation System Simulation”,
Technical Report TR-2009-13 – J. R. van Dorp, Jason R. W. Merrick

“The Nested Event Tree Model with Application to Combating Terrorism”,
Technical Report TR-2009-14 – Hanif D. Sherali, Brian J. Lunday, Theodore S. Glickman