MBA Admission FAQ

As a prospective MBA student at the George Washington University School of Business, you are sure to have questions regarding our programs and application processes. Please find some of the most frequently asked questions below:

Application Process

All applicants must complete our online application and follow our outlined admission process. We encourage you to begin an application to get started.

Since we want you to identify the program that will best suit your academic and career goals, you need not submit more than one application but are allowed to do so if you feel strongly. We encourage you to join us for one of our many on-campus and online information sessions to explore our programmatic options prior to applying.

If at any point in the application process, you would like to change the program to which you have applied, please email the admissions team at [email protected].

We know that the admission process can be costly and intensive, which is why we encourage you to upload unofficial transcripts with your online application for the initial review of your application. Frequently, these can be downloaded from your undergraduate institution’s website.

Should you be accepted and choose to matriculate at GW, you then will be required to have official copies of all transcripts sent to the School of Business. Please note that registration for classes will not be allowed until all official documentation has been received. See the application checklist for a complete list of required documents.

As we look to diversify our class, certain applicants to the program may have their application fee waived. A complete list can be found on our Admission Process page.

Additionally, we regularly offer application fee waivers to those who attend our Info Sessions, so we strongly recommend that you attend one of these events prior to applying.

We strongly encourage you to visit campus, speak with our representatives when we’re in your city, or attend an online information session prior to submitting an application. Most of our strongest applicants have taken advantage of these opportunities to receive in-depth background not available via our website. You can then use what you’ve learned from these interactions to enhance your application prior to submission.


Due to the large volume of applications that we receive, we are not able to provide prospective students with evaluative feedback. However, you are encouraged to visit our website and view the class profile of our most recent entering class. The class profile will help you gauge where your credentials stand when compared to the rest of our class. Additionally, we look at all applications holistically, which means we’re not solely focused on standardized test scores or your undergraduate record. With your application, we look for ways that you’ll enhance the classroom experience via your personal and professional background. If you feel that you can present a strong overall application, then we encourage you to apply.

Yes. With each round of admission, the admission committee will decide to admit, deny, or waitlist each candidate that has submitted a complete application. If you have been added to the waitlist, the admission committee has identified potential and something of interest in you as a candidate for the program that you’ve applied to. You may choose to accept or decline your position on the waiting list at any time.

If you have been offered a position on the waiting list, we encourage you to send any updated information that will enhance your initial application, which may include new test scores, additional quantitative coursework that has been recently completed, or an updated resume reflecting career advancement or a change in position.

As part of the waitlist, you will automatically be reconsidered with each subsequent round of applicants until decisions are finalized prior to the start of the entry term.

For our Global MBA students, we only offer admission deferrals under very rare circumstances. These generally involve military/veteran deployment or visa denials for international candidates. Professional opportunities that arise prior to the start of classes will not be considered for deferral, however we do offer a simple reapplication process for candidates in this situation. Accepted students who choose not to attend in the year to which they have been admitted will need to reapply via the reapplication process.

For our Professional MBA students, we offer the option to postpone your start of classes for up to one semester, i.e. you have applied for an August entry and now want to begin in January. Please note that you will be asked to submit your enrollment deposit by your initial deposit deadline and then contact us to revise the start date of your program. If you do not begin by the revised start date, you will need to reapply via the reapplication process.

When possible, all unofficial documents should be uploaded as part of the online application.  If admitted into the program or if your university does not offer an official electronic transcript service, candidates should mail official transcripts to:

The George Washington University School of Business
Duquès Hall, Suite 550
2201 G Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20052

Official standardized test scores need to be submitted electronically via the testing service using the following codes:

  • GRE code: 5246
  • GMAT codes:
    • Global MBA: QK4-4F-40
    • Professional MBA – Self-Paced: QK4-4F-28
    • Professional MBA – Cohort: QK4-4F-21
    • Online MBA: QK4-4F-03
  • TOEFL code: 5246

Admission Requirements

For our Global MBA, we have not waived the GMAT or GRE except in some circumstances where a student currently holds a terminal degree..

Accelerated, Professional and Online MBA Applicants who have had 5 or more years of professional work experience and have demonstrated an increase in responsibility during that time may also be eligible for a GMAT/GRE waiver.

If you feel that you may meet the criteria for a GMAT/GRE waiver for our Accelerated, Professional or Online MBA programs, please submit a memorandum that highlights your years of professional work experience, your quantitative abilities, and explains why you feel you should be granted a waiver. Please send this information along with a copy of your resume and transcripts directly to [email protected], and it will be forwarded to the Admission Committee for review.

No. There is no minimum GPA requirement in order to be considered for admission. To see GPA ranges and average GPAs for each program, please consult our class profiles.

With few exceptions, accepted students generally have at least two years of full-time, post-undergraduate professional experience at the time of entry to the program. However, GW does not have a minimum work experience requirement for admission.

The Admissions Committee takes internships and cooperative education assignments into account, but those experiences are usually considered supplementary. Military experience and non-traditional backgrounds will strongly be considered when evaluating applications. To see the average years of work experience and work experience ranges for our current classes, please visit the class profile page.

All of our MBA programs require interviews to gain admission, however interviews are by invitation only.

Upon receiving your application, a member of the admission committee will complete an initial review to determine if a candidate will be invited to interview. We do not offer informational interviews, but strongly encourage you to attend one of our on-campus or online Info Sessions instead.

MBA Programs and Transfer Credit

Our Global MBA students complete 53 credits over the course of four semesters (21 months) beginning in August of each year. The 21-month time frame provides enough time to complete a strongly recommended internship in the summer between the two years of study.


All of our Professional MBA programs (Accelerated MBA, Professional MBA, Online MBA, and Healthcare MBA) are 46.5-credit programs. Students take a total of 31.5 credits of required coursework, three credits of analytics/technology-focused selectives, and 12 credits of general electives.

Yes, we offer our Professional MBA (PMBA) degree in a fully online format — our Online MBA. Online courses are also open to our on-campus PMBA students allowing them to complete a hybrid program. All core courses and select electives are available online. Please consult with your advisor about online options.

For the elective courses in your program, you may choose from our 6000-level electives from any department within the School of Business. Additionally, you may take up to twelve graduate level credit hours outside of the School of Business after matriculating into the MBA program (if transfer courses from another institution are not being applied to your elective requirements).

The F. David Fowler Career Center is staffed by exceptional professionals who provide the following services: personal career coaching, job opportunities including on campus recruiting, job search strategies workshops, resume development and interviewing skills. You can make individual advising appointments, including evening and online, with at least a day’s notice by calling 202-994-6704 or sending an email to [email protected]. Visit the Career Center for additional information and services.

There are a myriad of opportunities for international education at GWSB. The Global and Experiential Education office supports global business education through a broad portfolio of short-term and long-term global study programs, experiential education courses, and international student services. Global opportunities are available for Global, Professional, and Online MBA students.

Students may petition to take courses from other AACSB-accredited universities and through the Consortium Program. The George Washington University is a member of the Consortium of Universities of the Metropolitan Washington Area, which includes American University, Catholic University of America, Gallaudet University, George Mason University, The George Washington University, Georgetown University, Howard University, Marymount University, the University of the District of Columbia, and the University of Maryland. GW MBA students may take courses at any Consortium member institution with the approval of the academic advisor and program director. Students must be in good academic standing and may enroll in up to six hours of approved courses through the Consortium. If the same course is offered on the GW campus during the same semester, approval will not be granted. Students register and pay tuition at GW for all Consortium courses, but course fees are paid to the visiting institution. Students may not take on-line courses through the Consortium. Procedures for Consortium registration are detailed on the registrar’s website.

To transfer you will need to go through the regular application process. You may transfer up to 6 graduate-level credits into our program from outside AACSB-accredited universities. For more information please visit the Transfer of Credit policy.

A student who must interrupt active pursuit of the MBA degree for a semester or more may petition the program director for a leave of absence for up to two full semesters. A student who discontinues active enrollment in the academic program without being granted a leave of absence must apply for readmission and will be subject to the new regulations and requirements in force. The five-year limit to complete the MBA program is extended by the number of semesters of official personal leave taken.

The GW Bookstore should be your first place to look for required course materials. You can follow the link below and enter your course information to see the required materials listed. If the books are not listed there, you can contact your professor and ask if this information is available.

You can visit the GW Bookstore to purchase many if not all of the books on your booklist.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Global MBA students have a fixed tuition rate of $113,090.00 for the 53-credit program. Tuition is divided evenly into four installments due at the beginning of each of the four semesters.

Professional MBA students complete a 46.5 credit hour program and are charged per credit hour. The MBA tuition rate by credit hour for the 2020-2021 academic year is $2,215 per credit hour. More information is available on the Tuition and Financial Aid page.

Information on financial aid and federal loans is handled by the GW Office of Student Financial Assistance. Representatives are available by phone at 202-994-9000 or by email at [email protected]. If you prefer to meet with someone in person, counselors are available at Colonial Central in the Marvin Center Ground floor during walk-in hours.

For all of our MBA programs, all applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships and no separate application is required. Scholarship decisions are announced at the time of admission and only new, incoming students are eligible for scholarships through the admissions office.