Finance Ph.D. Admission & Finance

Please Note: Completed applications & all required credentials (including official Entrance Examination Scores) must be received by January 15th, 2018. This is an absolute deadline.

Admission Standards

Admission is highly selective. Typically two doctoral students in Finance are admitted each year. The last date for completed applications for the academic year is January 15th, 2018.

Applications must be submitted online.

The following criteria are considered when evaluating candidates for admission:

  • High Test Scores
  • Performance in Previous Degree Programs
  • Letters of Recommendation Attesting to the Applicant’s Potential for Success in a Competitive Doctoral Program.
  • Consistence Between the Candidate’s Research Interests & that of the Faculty
  • Congruence Between the Applicant’s Professional & Educational Goals & the Requirements & Objectives of the PhD Program

For more information on admission standards, visit: 

Admission | Doctoral Programs


Financial Support

Doctoral study demands a very serious commitment of intellect and time. Only full-time students are admitted. Recognizing this, the School of Business offers generous financial support. The package for the current year includes full tuition, health insurance and an annual stipend (please discuss with your lead professor).

For more information on financial support, visit: 

Tuition & Financial Planning | Doctoral Programs