MSGC Degree Requirements

MSGC Curriculum

The following requirements are for students who matriculate into the Master of Science in Government Contracts program starting fall 2018. Students who matriculated into the MSGC program prior to fall 2018 should refer to their DegreeMAPs in GWeb for any outstanding requirements they may have.

The Master of Science in Government Contracts program is 34 credit hours long. Three and two credit courses are a full semester long (14 weeks). Courses that are 1.5 credits are seven weeks in length and are offered either in the first or second half of a semester.

Students must successfully complete the following course and program requirements to be eligible for the MS in Government Contracts degree.

Program Requirements

  • Achieve at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average at the time of graduation.
  • Complete all degree requirements within five (5) years.

Course Requirements

Students must complete 34 credits of the following coursework to be eligible for graduation.

Core Courses | 23 Credits

Electives | 11 Credits

Students take 11 credits in elective courses selected from the list below*. One of the following courses must be included: GCON 6508, GCON 6509, GCON 6510, or GCON 6513.

*Other graduate-level courses offered by GWSB may count toward the elective requirement with program approval.

Additional Requirements for Specific Degree Programs

MBA/Master of Science in Government Contracts

For students pursuing a MBA and a Master of Science in Government Contracts dual degree program, all requirements for both degrees must be fulfilled. Twenty-four credits of graduate coursework may be shared between the MBA and the Master of Science in Government Contractscourse requirements as follows:

  • 6 credits of equivalent courses are double-counted
  • 9 credits in course requirements for the MBA count toward the MSGC elective requirement
  • 9 credits in course requirements for the MSGC count toward the MBA elective requirement

Students may pursue a dual degree in any MBA program. Part-time students take courses for both programs simultaneously. Full-time students take courses for the Global MBA
in their first year and then complete remaining degree requirements simultaneously. In both cases, the degrees may be conferred sequentially.