MSBA Degree Requirements

MSBA Curriculum

The following requirements are for students who matriculate into the Master of Science in Business Analytics program starting fall 2018. Students who matriculated into the MSBA program prior to fall 2018 should refer to their DegreeMAPs in GWeb for any outstanding requirements they may have.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics program is 30 credit hours long. Three-credit courses are a full semester long (14 weeks). Courses that are 1.5 credits are seven weeks in length and are offered either in the first or second half of a semester.

Students must successfully complete the following course and program requirements to be eligible for the MS in Business Analytics degree.

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Program Requirements

  • Achieve at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average at the time of graduation.
  • Complete all degree requirements within five (5) years.

Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 30 credits, including 21 credits in required courses and 9 credits in elective courses.

DNSC 6301Analytics Edge and Data Ethics
DNSC 6302Programming for Analytics I
DNSC 6303Programming for Analytics II
DNSC 6305Data Management for Analytics
DNSC 6306Decision Models
DNSC 6307Optimization I
DNSC 6311Stochastic Foundation: Probability Models
DNSC 6312Statistics for Analytics I
DNSC 6313Statistics for Analytics II
DNSC 6314Machine Learning I
DNSC 6315Machine Learning II
DNSC 6317Business Analytics Practicum
9 credits in elective courses selected from the following:
DNSC 6278Big Data Analytics
DNSC 6280Supply Chain Analytics
DNSC 6290Special Topics
DNSC 6308Optimization II
DNSC 6319Time Series Forecasting for Analytics
DNSC 6320Pricing and Revenue Management
DNSC 6321Social Network Analytics
DNSC 6323Visualization for Analytics
DNSC 6325Business Process Simulation
DNSC 6327Sports Analytics
DNSC 6330Responsible Machine Learning

BBA/Master of Science in Business Analytics

The Master of Science in Business Analytics degree can also be combined with a bachelor's degree through GWSB's new 4+1 Program, which enables students to complete both a bachelor's and a master's degree in five years.

SAS Graduate Joint Certificate

Students in the MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) program are eligible to complete a SAS Graduate Joint Certificate in Business Analytics. This joint certificate is a partnership between SAS Global Academic Program and the George Washington University School of Business. Courses completed for the MSBA apply towards the SAS certification.

Participants in the joint certificate will analyze real-world data using a variety of analytics, from simple descriptive methods to more sophisticated predictive and prescriptive approaches. MSBA students interested in applying for the joint certificate should consult their academic advisor for more information.

Required Courses | 15 Credits


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