MHRM Degree Requirements

MHRM Curriculum

The Master of Human Resource Management program is 30 credit hours long. Three-credit courses are a full semester long (14 weeks). Courses that are 1.5 credits are seven weeks in length and are offered either in the first or second half of a semester.

Students must successfully complete the following course and program requirements to be eligible for the Master of Human Resource Management degree.

Program Requirements

  • Achieve at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average at the time of graduation.
  • Complete all degree requirements within five (5) years.

Course Requirements

Students must complete 30 credits of the following coursework to be eligible for graduation.

  • MGT 6252 Global Human Resource Management
  • MGT 6210 Leading Teams
  • MGT 6257 Performance Management and Development  
  • MGT 6290 Special Topics (People Analytics, taken for 3 credits)     
  • MBAD 6263 Organizations and Human Capital

Students must choose one of the following:

  • MGT 6253 Leadership and Executive Development         
  • MGT 6277 Critical Thinking Skills for Executive Leadership       
  • MGT 6290 Special Topics (Perspectives on Leadership, 3 credits) 
  • MGT 6215 Conflict Management and Negotiations         
  • MGT 6259 Employment Law and Ethics
  • MGT 6270 Consulting Processes  
  • MGT 6280 Entrepreneurship        
  • MGT 6286 Creativity and Innovation       
  • MGT 6290 Special Topics (Human Capital Sustainability, 3 credits)