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Join us on Friday, April 16 for our next graduate student engagement Meet-and-Greet event, “Including the Differently Abled at Work.” This panel will focus on three key questions:

  • How do people who are differently abled — either neurologically or physically — add value to organizations?
  • In what ways can and do organizations support the differently abled?
  • How can and should organizations specifically recruit the differently abled?

About Our Guests

Lori Golden

Lori Golden

Lori Golden is the Abilities Strategy Leader at Ernst & Young, where she drives efforts to build an enabling, inclusive environment for people of all abilities. She advises the firm's over 1,000 member AccessAbilities professional network, leads initiatives to enhance accessibility in EY offices, communications, meetings, trainings and technology, educate EY people on abilities issues and create new recruiting and employment models. Lori’s helped build innovative programs including [email protected] on ergonomics; EY’s Neurodiversity Centers of Excellence; and We Care, helping colleagues support colleagues struggling with mental illness or substance misuse.

A frequent speaker on disabilities employment issues, Lori serves on the U.S. Department of Labor's Circle of Champions, the Disability: IN Global Roundtable, the Autism at Work Employer Roundtable, is vice chair of the board of TransCen and served on the board of directors of the U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN) and its corporate advisory board.

Lori is a winner of EY’s Chairman’s Values Award and a two-time winner of the firm’s Better Begins with You Award. She's been with Ernst & Young 22 years and is a graduate of Harvard University.

Dr. Megan Lawrence

Dr. Megan Lawrence

Megan Lawrence, Ph.D. is the Senior Accessibility Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and has 15 years of experience working with the disability community. Dr. Lawrence builds trusted relationships with customers, NGOs and assistive technology partners to further Microsoft’s mission of empowering every person and organization to achieve more through the lens of inclusion.

Megan grew up the mountains and wanted to be a geographer. She pursued an Ph.D. in Geography from the university of Oregon and really focused on light and low-vision navigation and geospatial tool development to create technology for those who are blind or have low vision. Transitioning from geography to Microsoft, Megan took a role as a research scientist working with people with disabilities and wanted to make technology that is used every day more accessible. Megan considers herself a futurist. What is coming next? How can we make sure that we’re prepared for tomorrow? Since the ongoing pandemic began, Megan’s role has shifted a bit from diversity and inclusion for those with disabilities to also assist those who are struggling with mental health. Megan also discusses how business schools can be more accommodating for those with disabilities. It’s important to note that people with disabilities makes up a large part of the work force, and we should be able to partner and learn from each other to create a multifaceted ecosystem.

About GWSB Meet-and-Greet Events

GWSB hosts a series of graduate student engagement events throughout the academic year to foster beyond-the-classroom learning and build community between alumni, corporate/employment partners, faculty, staff, and students.

Organized by the Office of Graduate programs, our Meet-and-Greets are 75-minute online events on different topics featuring a small panel of 2-3 alumni or corporate/employment partner representatives sharing thoughts on a particular theme. These events are moderated by a GW graduate student and attended by GWSB graduate students, alumni, faculty and staff. All of GWSB’s 1600+ graduate students are invited to the events, along with our global alumni network of over 250,000 as well as our 250+ faculty and staff.

Meet-and-Greet events are organized into three parts:

  • Panel Discussion (25 minutes) – The Associate Dean for Graduate Programs welcomes attendees and introduces the event student moderator. The moderator introduces panelists and facilitates a discussion with the panel around the event’s key questions.
  • Breakout Discussion (15 minutes) – Participants are placed in random groups of four to share what they found most interesting about the panel discussion and brainstorm questions to ask the panel during the question-and-answer session.
  • Q&A (35 minutes) – Breakout groups return to plenary, and the moderator facilitates a question and answer session. During this part of the event, the moderator also shares in the chatbox a list of resources pre-selected by the panelists so participants can learn more about the event topic.