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Join us on Tuesday, April 13 for our next graduate student engagement Meet-and-Greet event, “The Potential of Public-Private Partnerships in Security Technology.”

About GWSB Meet-and-Greet Events

GWSB hosts a series of graduate student engagement events throughout the academic year to foster beyond-the-classroom learning and build community between alumni, corporate/employment partners, faculty, staff, and students.

Organized by the Office of Graduate programs, our Meet-and-Greets are 75-minute online events on different topics featuring a small panel of 2-3 alumni or corporate/employment partner representatives sharing thoughts on a particular theme. These events are moderated by a GW graduate student and attended by GWSB graduate students, alumni, faculty and staff. All of GWSB’s 1600+ graduate students are invited to the events, along with our global alumni network of over 250,000 as well as our 250+ faculty and staff.

Meet-and-Greet events are organized into three parts:

  • Panel Discussion (25 minutes) – The Associate Dean for Graduate Programs welcomes attendees and introduces the event student moderator. The moderator introduces panelists and facilitates a discussion with the panel around the event’s key questions.
  • Breakout Discussion (15 minutes) – Participants are placed in random groups of four to share what they found most interesting about the panel discussion and brainstorm questions to ask the panel during the question-and-answer session.
  • Q&A (35 minutes) – Breakout groups return to plenary, and the moderator facilitates a question and answer session. During this part of the event, the moderator also shares in the chatbox a list of resources pre-selected by the panelists so participants can learn more about the event topic.