Transferring in Academic Credit

To transfer in academic credit, students who have not been admitted to GW yet should request an official copy of your academic transcript(s) (with final grades from the most recent semester) from your previous institution(s) to be sent to GWU Office of Undergraduate Admissions, who will then issue a Transfer Credit Worksheet at the time of admission. If you have already been admitted to GW, you should send your most recent official academic transcript(s) to the Office of the Registrar. All AP scores should be sent to the Admission’s Office directly from the College Board. GW’s College Board code is 5246. View scores that are acceptable to transfer

GWU Office of Undergraduate Admissions 
Rice Hall
2121 I Street, NW, Ste. 201
Washington, DC 20052
Phone: 202-994-6040 | Fax: 202-994-0325
Email: [email protected]



Q. How Is Transfer Credit Is Calculated?

Credits earned by taking classes at other colleges or universities, or through recognized tests such as A.P., and are accepted for credit by GW, are known as transfer credits. Here are some general guidelines for how credit is calculated:

  • The Office of the Registrar is ultimately responsible for the evaluation and assignment of all transfer credit.
  • Some universities are on a different academic calendar (ex: quarter system), which may affect the transfer of credits.
  • Grades of a C- or better must be earned for the credit to transfer.
  • The GPA and grades do not transfer; only accepted credit will be transferred with a grade of “TR”.
  • If you took a course elsewhere that does not have a specific GW equivalent, the course will likely be listed as 1099. To see if any of your 1099 courses can be re-named as GW equivalents, please contact your Academic Advisor.
  • You may apply a maximum of 24 credits earned by exam (e.g. AP, IB) toward your 120 credits for graduation.

Q. Is There A Limit To How Many Credits Can Be Transferred In?

There is no limit on how many transfer credits can be brought in pre-matriculation, however in order to meet the residency requirement, you must earn 60 hours at or through GW.