Registering for Classes

The GWEB Info System**

This is the website you use to register for classes, adjust your schedule, and update your personal information. When registration is in progress, it updates seat availability in real time.

The Schedule of Classes**

The schedule of classes site lists all classes and sections being offered in a given semester. It is particularly useful in clarifying whether a course has a corresponding or “linked” discussion/ lab/recitation. Pay attention to these linked courses. If the course has a discussion/lab/recitation section, you must register for both the lecture and the discussion/ lab/recitation section. This means using two-course reference numbers (CRNs).

**Both the GWeb Info System and the Schedule of Classes should be referenced while registering for classes.

Course Levels

Undergraduate courses are numbered 1000-4000. Many 2000-4000 level courses have prerequisites, so please visit the GW Bulletin to make sure you have satisfied any such requirements.

Graduate courses, which are numbered 6000 and above, are only to be taken by undergraduates with instructor permission.

Course Load

Full-time tuition covers 12 -17 credits. Full-time students generally take five classes per semester (roughly 15-16 credits).

Taking fewer than 12 credits makes you a part-time student, which carries various implications. Please discuss this with an advisor ahead of time.

Taking more than 17 credits means you would pay extra tuition, and you would be shouldering a very heavy course load. Consider such a decision carefully. Students can take up to 18 credits but anything above that they must have permission to take. Please discuss this with an Academic Advisor.

Registration Eligibility

As an incoming transfer student, you may register for classes once you accept your offer of admission and submit your deposit. The GWeb Info System is active from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. EST, except on noted dates.

Registration is divided into a Priority Registration Period and a General Registration Period. Information about priority and general registration dates can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website.