External Transfers

Getting Started

Meet With An Academic Advisor

All transfer students accepted into GWSB will have the support of an Academic Advisor throughout their time at GW. Transfer students can feel free to meet with an advisor once they have been admitted into GWSB.

Send Your Transcript

To transfer in academic credit, request an official copy of your academic transcript(s) (with final grades from the most recent semester) from your previous institution(s) to be sent to GW’s Office of the Registrar, who will then issue a Transfer Credit Worksheet at the time of admission. All AP scores should also be sent to the Admission’s Office. All questions regarding transfer credit evaluation should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Review University Writing Program Requirements

All undergraduates at GW, including transfer students, are required to develop effective writing skills through 3 writing-intensive courses: UW 1020 and 2 WIDs (Writing in the Discipline). Each course needs to be completed before the next, in separate semesters. Some transfer students may be exempt from UW 1020; to see if you are, check with your Academic Advisor and read the UWP website. If you are not exempt from UW 1020, you should register for UW 1020 your first (or second) semester at GW. WIDs are delineated with a “W” in the Schedule of Classes. The UW 1020 Exemption Request Form.

Prepare to Register For Classes

To prepare for registration, familiarize yourself with the following:

In order to graduate from GW, every GWSB student must:

  1. earn at least 120 credits, of which at least 60 must be in-residence (taken at or through GW);
  2. complete all required courses in the degree you are pursuing;
  3. earn a 2.00 overall cumulative GPA; and
  4. earn a 2.00 major GPA.

Please use DegreeMAP to track your requirements.

Declaring A Major

Transfer students are recommended to declare their major or concentration during their first (or second) semester at GW. In order to do this, please email an Academic Advisor to declare your major or concentration. You can research the various major and concentration options here.