Lemonade Day DC

Future Success in the Global Economy

Prepared 4 Life’s core asset-based, experiential initiative, Lemonade Day, provides children with the opportunity to learn how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace and create the foundation for future success in the global economy. The foremost objective is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow.

The Lemonade Day Curriculum consists of 14 lessons that teach children the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship. Fourth through seventh grade students are mentored through these lessons while they simultaneously create their own business plans. On Lemonade Day, the participants have the opportunity to execute their business plans by setting up, owning, and operating their own lemonade stands across the District.

Lemonade Day is incorporated as a service-learning project into the curriculum of both First-Year Development Program (FYDP) and Transfer Student Development Program (TSDC). Students serve in multiple ways to assist the Lemonade Day Project. There is also a Lemonade Day student organization at GW and Georgetown that students can join if they are interested in teaching the curriculum or mentoring local youth to run and manage their own business.