Consulting Concentration

The Consulting concentration prepares students to enter this fast-growing and lucrative part of the modern economy. With an emphasis on key consulting competencies, this concentration includes courses specifically designed and delivered to broaden students’ understanding of the purpose and function of consulting, provide real-world exposure to the discipline via practicums, and hone interpersonal skills related to effective intervention. The concentration includes a two-course sequence covering client engagement, proposal writing, needs assessment, program design, and outcome demonstration.

Things to consider:

  • Students can complete the Consulting concentration online and on-campus.
  • Elective courses are scheduled based on faculty availability and student demand and are not guaranteed to be offered every semester or every academic year.
  • Special Topics courses (typically numbered 6290) are experimental offerings that, depending on demand, may or may not become permanent offerings.
  • Students who wish to satisfy a MBA concentration elective with a course that is not listed below must submit a Petition for Elective Credit form.

Course Requirements

Students must complete 12 unique credits to complete a concentration. Courses offered online are noted with an *.

Required Courses (6 Credits)

Electives (6 Credits)

**Indicates a short-term study abroad experience

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