Current students in the MBA program may combine the MBA with a graduate-level certificate. Courses completed for the certificate may be applied towards the MBA elective requirements if they meet the following conditions:

  • Graduate-level and credit-bearing
  • Not applied to the completion of requirements for another degree
  • Letter graded

MBA Programs work with the School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration, and various programs within the School of Business.

Certificate Application Guide

It is strongly recommended that all students applying to a certificate program read the Current Student Certificate Application Guide. This guide is designed to help you proceed through the application process quickly.

Download the Current Student Certificate Application Guide

School of Business

The Certificate in Responsible Management (CRM) program is designed to enhance the preparation of students as responsible leaders. The CRM offers students the opportunity to participate in seminars, projects, courses, and service in a variety of topic areas such as Global Strategy, Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, International Development, Peace, Energy and Environment. These tasks are designed to prepare students for leadership roles in the modern world and offer students the knowledge, diverse proficiencies, and the skill set necessary to succeed in an era of governmental, industry, and consumer oversight.

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All students enrolled in a graduate degree program within the School of Business, and in good academic standing, are eligible to be admitted to one of sixteen graduate certificate programs.

These students are required to apply but will are not required to submit supporting credentials such as transcripts, test scores, or recommendations.

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School of Medicine & Health Sciences 

The Online Graduate Certificate and MSHS Programs in Clinical Research Administration prepares health sciences professionals to participate in the science and business of developing new therapeutics for improving patient care. The rigorous curriculum focuses on regulatory requirements, ethical issues, processes for product development, the business of clinical research, and scientific method processes for product development. All courses are conducted online and offered in a flexible, asynchronous format to meet the needs of busy professionals. This layout provides a convenient option for self-disciplined and self-directed students to pursue the program and prepare for professional advancement while continuing their professional and personal commitments.

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The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Practice requires the successful completion of 18 credit hours of coursework from the translational and health care research curriculum. The certificate capitalizes on the foundational courses of clinical research, health informatics, epidemiology, and biostatistics to prepare the graduate with the requisite knowledge and skills to conduct clinical research in collaboration with sponsored research programs.

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The Graduate Certificate in Clinical and Translational Research is designed to meet the professional development needs of those seeking to broaden his or her translational research capabilities and to substantiate them with an academic graduate certificate.

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As more information about the structure, process, and outcomes of health care emerges, and the science of quality expands, quality improvement is becoming a distinct area of expertise. The Health Care Quality certificate at GW was developed to meet an emerging demand for quality and patient safety specialists who have the capacity and competence to grow and sustain a culture of continuous improvement at all levels and within every sector of the health care delivery system.

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Students who opt to complete a graduate certificate in health sciences analyze key contemporary issues in U.S. health and social policy that affect the design and structure of the health care system; assess the health policy development process and its influence on health care delivery and quality; and discuss domestic and international regulatory processes and practices from early non-clinical investigations, through human clinical trials, manufacturing and testing up to launch, post-developing products, navigating the regulatory review and approval process, and contributing to keeping products on the market.  As part of the certificate students will use an Integrative case-based approach, analyze complex problems in the management and leadership of healthcare systems.

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With the increasing need to both innovate and protect public health—by bringing new medical products to patients while ensuring their quality, safety and efficacy—Regulatory Affairs professionals are in high-demand. The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences offers a Graduate Certificate that is available online. To ensure students are presented with the most current and industry-applicable curriculum, the Regulatory Affairs programs at GW have been developed through collaborations with regulatory affairs professionals from the health care industry and governmental agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Tratchtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management provides an overview of central concepts in managing nonprofit organizations and is intended to meet the needs of students seeking a focused experience in order to prepare for or advance their careers in the nonprofit sector. The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management program is available at the George Washington University’s main campus in downtown Washington, D.C. It is not available as a distance learning program.

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