Incomplete Grades

Students are expected to complete all coursework by the end of the module or semester in which a course is taken. In special circumstances, an instructor may grant a student permission to delay submission of work up to one calendar year after the course ends by recording an Incomplete (I). Granting a grade of I is fully at the discretion of the faculty member teaching the course.

To be considered for a grade of I, the student must provide a satisfactory explanation to their instructor for their inability to complete the required coursework for reasons beyond their control and an outline as to how they will complete the remaining coursework in a timely manner. The student may request a grade of I only if their prior performance and class attendance in the course have been satisfactory. If the student fails to request an Incomplete by the date when grades must be turned in, the student’s work will be graded based on work completed up to this date.

Coursework must be completed by the date agreed on by the instructor and the student, but no later than one calendar year from the end of the course. When work for the course is completed, the instructor will submit a grade change and the new grade will replace the grade of I on the transcript.  The grade of cannot be changed by reregistering for the course at GW or by taking its equivalent elsewhere.

If the coursework is not completed by the deadline, or within one calendar year, whichever comes first, the grade converts to the grade of F and will be reflected as IF on the student’s transcript. Students are then subject to the Grade of F policy.

This policy will apply whether or not the student has continued to enroll in their graduate program. The sole exception is that students who receive an Incomplete (I) in their final semester of enrollment, but are awarded their degree as they are able to graduate without those credits, will retain an Incomplete (I) indefinitely. Upon graduation the transcript will be closed and no further grade changes will be made.