Continuous Enrollment, Reinstatement, & Readmission

Once entered in a degree program, a student is expected to be continuously enrolled and actively engaged in fulfilling the requirements for the degree each semester of the academic year until such time as the degree is conferred. A student is considered to be continuously enrolled when registered for courses through GW or when registered for an approved leave of absence.


Students who fail to register, fail to return from a leave of absence or fail to return from a suspension as scheduled; voluntarily withdraw; or are otherwise absent without authorization from the University for one or more semesters must make a formal Application for Reinstatement . Students will only be approved for reinstatement if they are able to meet the University’s policy of continuous enrollment by retroactively registering for up to two leaves of absence.


If reinstatement is denied, the student must apply for readmission. If readmitted, the student is subject to the rules and regulations in force at the time of return.

Students who are readmitted can only apply coursework completed at GWU within five years from the semester of re-matriculation into their program towards their degree requirements. Core courses completed prior to the five year date must be retaken. Elective courses completed prior to the five year date will not be applied towards the graduate degree requirements. This policy is not eligible for appeal.

Core Course Waiver