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Mentoring & Immersion Program for Consulting

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Founded in 2015 at the George Washington University School of Business, the Mentoring and Immersion Program for Consulting (MIPC) sought to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world of consulting.  A strong Community of Practice, MIPC is a selective and rigorous two-year experiential program that emphasizes our three pillars, Interview, Employer, and Client (IEC) Readiness. MIPC partners with consulting-focused faculty and mentors from myriad consulting sectors from reputable firms like McKinsey, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, and IBM, to name a few. Mentees have the opportunity to learn from the mentors and faculty in weekly seminars based on hands-on knowledge, real-world application, and case-based consulting practice.

The two- year program is cyclical, with second-year MIPC students acting not only as mentors to first-year students, but as consultants to relevant projects within the university and the surrounding community. After graduation, participants serve as employer mentors, bringing their new unique perspectives in consulting back to the program.

As a Community of Practice, we’ve partnered with stakeholders such as employers, faculty, GWU research and innovation centers, and school leadership to extend and share knowledge across multiple channels to further the initiatives of all stakeholders.

"We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature."

Edmund Burke

Areas of Practice

We can offer 3-5 years of experiences in various industries and their many unique functions and verticals. In addition to our pre-MBA work experience, we have worked hard to gain experience in various areas via pro gratis projects with real clients represented by global firms. Below is a broad sample of our offerings. 


Human Capital

With the importance of understanding the power of people and how they contribute to an organization, we can help to handle aspects of organizational structure and change and recommend how best to utilize an institution’s most valuable asset – its people.



Demystifying the ever-changing and pervasive technology-driven art of marketing, we tackle the complex nuances of marketing consulting in both private and public arenas. With consultants who have been immersed in this arena for the past year, and some consultants with several years of marketing experience, we offer research and recommendations in everything from product placement to digital strategy.



Located in the heart of DC, we're surrounded by numerous federal and public organizations, hard at work to make the country, and the world, a little bit better. We have several smart consultants who have been immersed in the federal space for more than a year, and can assist with the particularities of federal consulting across various sectors and institutions.



The world of finance seems constantly in-flux, with regulations and requirements changing each year. Those of us with financial backgrounds are able to help provide research and recommendations regarding an organization’s financial challenges and opportunities. Our professional experience in the industry allows us to suggest appropriate recommendations to continued success.



Applicable across every sector, both public and private, Strategy Consulting encompasses all salient aspects of a business or organization. Developing an iron-clad business strategy is imperative to the health of a company, and we view ourselves as strategy surgeons in-training. With a group of consultants working in strategy roles for the past year, we can help research and recommend the tools you need to stay healthy in the future.


Organizational Management

Resources are scarce, especially in a business environment. So how can you be sure that you're utilizing and allocating them across your organization in the most efficient ways possible while staying true your business strategy and objectives? That's where we come in. With the help of our diversified backgrounds, we provide perspectives that can help align everyone in your business under a single goal.

Corporate Mentors

Alix Partners


Alvarez and Marsal


Aon Hewitt






Booz Allen Hamilton






Dayblink Consulting








Farman and Partners






Edgeworth Economics


Mu Sigma


Partner Forces






Sunrise Senior Living








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