Community of Practice


The Marketing Community of Practice (CoP) will be open to GWSB students, alumni & industry professionals with a demonstrated commitment to learning, sharing, and mentoring others with an interest in careers in marketing. This Community of Practice is a pilot program designed to offer an introduction into the business and career paths one can pursue in marketing.

Throughout this Marketing CoP, students will be mentored by a group of mentors (employers, faculty members and alumni) who have already been identified and have committed to one full year. Students interested in applying should be aware that they too will need to be committed for at least one full year to engage fully in the Marketing CoP. In addition to mentorship with mentors using GW’s Career Connect, students will gain an understanding of various marketing roles and increase exposure to tools/applications and real-world issues in marketing through programming and events supported by the F. David Fowler Career Center. This will allow students to be equipped and better prepared for entry-level marketing positions.