Combined Degree Programs

Combined Degree Programs are designed for students who want to increase their knowledge and skills in their field of study. In a competitive business environment, having a Master’s degree can lead to higher-level positions, more responsibility, and greater earning potential. Combined Degree Programs allow students to take graduate level courses while an undergraduate student, thus reducing full-time graduate study needed for the Master’s degree.

Combined Degree Program Options

To learn more about how the graduate courses may fit within the one of the undergraduate degrees, please schedule an appointment with an Advisor. For admissions and graduate level curriculum information you may contact a graduate advisor from the respective program.

Apply to the Program

Prospective and current bachelor's degree students may apply to the program using the Online Application Portal.

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Graduation Information

For all Combined Degree Programs, the degrees are awarded separately after each program’s degree requirements are satisfied (the BBA or BAccy is typically awarded at the end of the 4th year; the MAccy, MSIST, or MTA is typically awarded at the end of the fifth year). To apply for the undergraduate degree, the student must submit a graduation application on GWeb.

Once the student has satisfied all graduate level requirements, the student must submit a graduation application via GWeb.

Graduate Financial Assistance 

After you have completed 120 credit hours, you are no longer eligible for undergraduate financial aid, including merit and/or need-based scholarships. However, you may be eligible for graduate financial assistance; you must apply for funding through the Office of Student Financial Assistance and/or the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships.

The Grad2Grad Program encourages talented graduating GW seniors to continue their studies at GW by providing a 10% reduction in tuition. Students in dual bachelor’s-master’s programs are eligible for Grad2Grad once they fully matriculate as a graduate student.

Current Students