MSPM: Courses


The following requirements must be fulfilled: 33 credits, including 27 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.

DNSC 6202Statistics for Managers
DNSC 6247Organization, Management, and Leadership
DNSC 6250Project Management Finance
DNSC 6254Risk Management
DNSC 6257Cost Estimation and Control
DNSC 6258Executive Decision Making
DNSC 6259Project Portfolio Management
DNSC 6261Introduction to Project and Program Management
DNSC 6262Directed Computational Project Management
DNSC 6267Planning and Scheduling
DNSC 6269Project Management Application
A 3-credit, graduate-level elective course from the Department of Decision Sciences (DNSC) and a 3-credit, graduate-level elective course approved by the advisor.