MSPM: Academic Program

A highly specialized program applicable to all industries.

The MS in Project Management program has an innovative and unique curriculum with discipline-independent coursework. The program brings realistic examples from the workplace to the classroom and integrates those examples into the overall curriculum.

The curriculum encompasses personal and qualitative issues, as well as the technical, quantitative aspects of managing projects. Courses immerse students in teamwork and team dynamics, helping them develop the skills to tackle complex projects and the savvy to synthesize diverse perspectives.


Global PMI© Standards 

Our program is consistent with, but not limited to, the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK standards. Students study planning, scheduling, risk management and cost estimation, and learn project portfolio management and executive decision making.

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GW’s MS in Project Management offers an innovative curriculum that combines the core principles of project management with general management and leadership training. Every course is offered on-campus as well as in the distance learning mode.

Students must complete foundational courses before progressing to advanced coursework and the capstone.


The MSPM program is 33 credit hours long. Some students may be eligible for academic waivers, which allows them to complete the program with less than 33 credit hours.

Three-credit courses are a full semester long (14 weeks). Courses that are 1.5 credits are seven weeks in length and are offered either in the first or second half of a semester.


Students typically complete degree requirements in the following time frames:

  • Part-Time: 30-48 months
  • Full-Time: 18-24 months


Course # Course Title Credits
Stage 1: Foundation
DNSC 6261 Introduction to Project Management 3.0
DNSC 6202 Statistics for Managers 3.0
Stage 2: Core Project Management & Decision Sciences
DNSC 6254  Risk Management 1.5
DNSC 6257 Cost Estimation & Control 1.5
DNSC 6259 Project Portfolio Management 1.5
DNSC 6267 Planning & Scheduling 3.0
Stage 3: Advanced Quantitative Application
DNSC 6262  Directed Computational Project Management 3.0
Stage 4: Capstone
DNSC 6269 Project Management Application 3.0
Phase A: Management Principles & Electives
DNSC 6247 Organization, Management & Leadership 3.0
DNSC 6250 Project Management Finance 3.0
DNSC 6258 Executive Decision Making 1.5
  Decision Sciences Elective 3.0
   General Elective 3.0
Total Credit Hours 33.0