MSF Alumni Comments

GWU’s MSF program expanded my horizons in finance. I was able to hone quantitative analytical skills, master the fundamentals of financial theories, and understand the constraints and limits of financial models and circumstances under which they are applicable. These qualifications have proven to be critical for financial professionals as the current financial crisis unfolds. I am glad to see how freely I leverage those analytical skills in portfolio risk management in daily work.

Shenghua Si • Quantitative Risk & Analytics, The World Bank Treasury

With its world class faculty, staff, and rigorous curriculum, the MSF program truly provides a challenging environment allowing top notch students from diverse backgrounds to optimize their learning experience. Striking a practical balance, from quantitative methods and finance theory to business law and programming, overcoming any real world challenge is possible. After the MSF, your enviable skills will be quickly recognized enabling you to rise through the ranks to leadership positions.

John Maalouf • Multifamily Underwriter, Freddie Mac

The George Washington University’s Master of Science program provides a substantial foundation in finance, econometrics and international business for those persons seeking to build their careers in the finance profession. Seasoned, highly accessible faculty with current private & public sector experience provide intensive treatment of quantitative and qualitative methods particularly in the analysis of financial institutions, corporate finance and accounting, and fixed income and derivative products. The skill sets that can be developed by motivated, persevering students are of immediate relevance to professional settings.

Martin C. Mitsoff • VP, Research & Strategy, Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc.

The George Washington University’s MSF program, besides its convenient location, provided me with broad based and cutting edge skills in many areas of Finance and Banking, to complement my economic background and many years of professional experience.

Salomon Samen, Ph.D • Sr. Economist, The World Bank

Aside from exposure to the academic fundamentals of financial theory, the MSF Program provides a great deal of practical applications and simulations, ranging from floor trading to derivatives investment and hedging exercises. This emphasis on real-world applications, I believe, is what provides MSF students and alumni the needed edge in all aspects of their professional careers.

Faris H. Hadad- Zervos • Country Officer, The World Bank

The skills that I developed in the MSF program are essential in my new position. I am grateful for the rigorous program, which allows me to have a competitive edge in the financial community.

Cliff Booth • Managing Dir. & Head of Financial Institutions, Investment Banking, Janney Montgomery Scott