OMSIST Students

University Academic Policies, Procedures, and Curriculum

  • Curriculum
    Find course descriptions and enrollment requirements.
  • Schedules
    Find current and past semester course schedules.

University Services

  • Colonial Central
    GW’s comprehensive student services site with links to the offices of the Registrar and Student Financial Services Colonial Central.

Forms and Guides

  • Student Petition
    This form is submitted for an advisor’s approval for the following actions: Leave of absence, continuous enrollment, course transfers, and when taking elective courses outside of MSIST.
  • Registration Transaction Form
    Submitted for an advisor’s approval when adding or dropping classes or when registering for a non-MSIST GW class.
  • Program Statement Guide and Form
    The guide provides directions to complete the statement form used to plan semester-by-semester courses leading to program completion. Continuing students use this form to amend their original statement.
  • MSIST Curriculum
    Lists required core courses, electives, and associated prerequisites.

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Professional Associations

Technical Resources

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Hope Hall
Program Director