Online MBA Plan of Study

  • Total Program Credits: 55.5 credits
  • Required Courses: 28.5 credits*
  • Electives: 27 credits
  • Duration: 3 years

*Includes Business and Society, a required 1.5 credit on-site residency course, and a 1.5 credit Information Systems and Technology Management selective course.

Students may begin the program in the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters (August, January, or May). Generally, students will take six credit hours per semester. Students can also participate in the optional residency course: Business and Society. This four-day, 1.5 credit course takes place in Washington, DC and consists of face-to-face classroom time and exposure to local partner institutions that illustrate the intersection of the private, public, and citizen sectors.

Sample Curriculum Map

Year 1: Foundational Business Courses 18 Credits
Semester Number Name Credits
Fall 6211 Financial Accounting 3
Fall 6241 Global Perspectives 1.5
Fall 6281 Business Ethics 1.5
Spring 6221 Judgment, Uncertainty, and Decisions 1.5
Spring 6272 Nature of Markets 1.5
Spring 6222 Data Analysis and Decisions 1.5
Spring 6273 Marketing Decisions 1.5
Summer 6242 Microeconomics for the Global Economy 1.5
Summer 6261 Organizations and Leadership 1.5
Summer 6243 Macroeconomics for the Global Economy 1.5
Summer 6262 Managing Human Capital 1.5
Year 2: Advanced Fundamentals Courses 12 Credits
Semester Number Name Credits
Fall 6223 Operations Strategy 1.5
Fall 6284 Business and Public Policy 1.5
Fall 6213 Managerial Accounting 1.5
Fall 6285 Business Law and Communications 1.5
Spring 6233 Financial Markets 1.5
Spring 6244 International Management 1.5
Spring 6234 Financial Management 1.5
Spring 6265 Entrepreneurship 1.5
Years 2 and 3: Electives 19.5 Credits
A concentration is not required, but you have the option to choose up to two. Beginning for students matriculating in Fall 2015, we anticipate offering the following concentrations:
  Global Management  
  Information Systems & Technology Management  
Students may also choose a customized approach to their electives, and create their own area of focus. For example, a student interested in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management might choose to take electives in Entrepreneurship, Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Business Law.
Business and Society Residency 1.5 Credits
A four-day on-site residency that takes place in Washington, DC and completed during one of nine opportunities throughout the program. This course is generally offered in January over winter break, March over spring break, and May prior to graduation. Through this course students have experienced a firsthand look through visits to the Federal Reserve, the US Congress, and the World Bank.



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