Professional MBA Academic Program


The Professional MBA program is 46.5 credit hours long. Three-credit courses are a full semester long (14 weeks). Courses that are 1.5 credits are seven weeks in length and are offered either in the first or second half of a semester. One-credit courses meet for 12 hours of total class time and are offered in various formats, such as a four-day weekend or four Saturdays in a row. The program typically takes two to five years to complete.

Program Options

In our self-paced, part-time MBA programs, there are three program formats: On-Campus, Online and Hybrid.

The on-campus option allows you to design your own course schedule to meet your professional and personal needs and interests. Designed with greater flexibility in mind, the self-paced format is completed in two to five years based on the number of courses you complete each semester. PMBA-self-paced core and elective classes are generally held weeknights Monday through Thursday.

The Online option allows students to take advantage of our unique MBA curriculum from wherever you are in the world. Offered completely virtually but still taught by our esteemed business school faculty, this program enables you to complete your GW MBA from anywhere, while earning the same AACSB-accredited degree awarded to our on-campus students. Online courses are predominantly synchronous. Students participate in a weekly one hour online session led by sync session leaders. These weekly sessions may consist of live discussions, guest lecturers, and Q&A.

The Hybrid option provides you with ultimate flexibility. You can decide not only which courses to take, but also what delivery format you prefer — online or on-campus. The ability to hybridize our Professional MBA is attractive to students with busy seasons in either their personal or professional lives.


PMBA core requirements make up 31.5 credits, with the remaining 15 credits reserved for analytics/technology-focused selectives and general elective classes. Electives are typically completed after the majority of core course requirements have been fulfilled, and may also be completed with short-term study abroad programs.

Elective Courses

With 12 credit hours of general electives built into the curriculum, students are able to add a certificate to their degrees, choose additional courses from over 200 electives offered at the School of Business, or take graduate-level classes offered through other GW schools or area universities. Students can also apply to add a second master’s degree to their MBA through GW’s many dual and joint degree offerings.