Class Scheduling

The Academic Scheduling Office is tasked with preparing the School of Business class schedules for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. The responsibility includes adhering to all deadlines provided by GWU’s Academic Scheduling Office. The Scheduler will organize course schedules with input from the various academic departmental managers within GWSB, as well as program managers, departmental chairs, program directors, and associate deans.

Scheduling Guidelines

Once a call for schedule is made by the Academic Scheduling Office, the Director of Scheduling will send an email to all academic managers, scheduling contacts, chairs, and the appropriate deans. Guidelines will be provided during the call to schedule, and individuals will have about one month to work on their schedule.

Call for Schedules

  • Fall: Requested end of October, deadline beginning of December.
  • Spring: Requested beginning of April, deadline is mid-May.
  • Summer: Requested end of August, deadline end of September.

The Email request will include the following information:


  • Introductory Memo from the Director of Scheduling
  • Instructions for Preparing the Schedule
  • List of Authorized Time Bands
  • Classroom Technology Request Forms (CTRF)


  • Calendar for the Semester
  • Form for Prerequisites
  • Wait List Procedures
  • Summer Session Faculty Policies (Summer Session Only)

Things to Consider When Scheduling Classrooms


EEO/ADA needs, whether for faculty or students (temporary disabilities, permanent disabilities, medical issues, etc.) may require that a class be moved from a classroom to accommodate the disability. Demand for tiered classrooms is high, but supply is low. Please work with faculty so that the Scheduler is aware of their needs in advance.

Technology Needs

Please be specific about technology needs for each class. Please do not submit a generic CTRF as each class requires different types of technology. Please work with faculty and be specific when providing technology information for each class.

Classroom Selection

Classroom selection is driven by the caps set by each department and program. For example, if a course has a set cap of 48, the only classrooms the system will assign are those which allow for a cap of 48 or above. The system does not look at enrollments, only at caps. If a class has never had more than 25 students, but we regularly set a cap of 50, it would eliminate many of the “nicer” classrooms (such as Duquès 250, 259, 360 & 361), as those classrooms do not meet the cap requirement.

Overenrolled Classes

Manually overriding classroom enrollment past capacity is discouraged. If overriding a cap is required, ensure that the classroom is adequate. In case a new classroom is required to increase course enrollment, please notify the Director of Scheduling before overriding the cap. A different classroom many not always be available.

Classes with Non-Standard Time Bands

Classes with non-standard time bands (all day seminars, 4:30-7:00, 9:30-12:00, GMBA, 1.5 credit courses with no corresponding second module equivalent, etc.) can only be scheduled within GWSB controlled classrooms. The University will not allow them in University space. The 4:30-7:00 pm time band is especially popular, however, once we run out of GWSB classrooms, a different time will need to be chosen. At the discretion of the Scheduler, the Department with the largest number of 4:30-7:00 pm courses may be asked to change a course to fit it into a standard time band.

Scheduling Non-Academic Events in Classrooms

All requests to schedule events or non-class related activities in classrooms will not be approved until the semester’s schedule is in place and all classes have been assigned in appropriate classrooms. If by chance any classrooms have been reserved by an event or an activity, that event is subject to be removed if an academic class situation warrants it. In this we follow the general GWU Academic Scheduling guidelines. We cannot commit classroom space until we know what the schedule of classes looks like for that particular semester.

To schedule a non-academic classroom event, please visit our page on Event Reservations.