Bachelor of Business Administration:


At GWSB, we provide an undergraduate BBA education based on strong foundations that establish connections between liberal arts and science education and business tools:

  • With breadth, depth, and excellence in the Business disciplines
  • Which examines the relationships between business, government, and the larger society
  • Which is designed to prepare our students to become ethical world business leaders

Learning goals

Students who earn the BBA degree will possess the ability to:

  • Deliver clearly focused and concise oral presentations on business issues.
  • Write in a persuasive, cohesive, and coherent manner appropriate for the business environment.
  • Work effectively in team settings.
  • Propose rational, coherent resolutions to ethical concerns within a business context.
  • Identify, evaluate, and resolve business dilemmas using appropriate quantitative and qualitative tools.
  • Understand the linkages between the public and private sectors in society.
  • Comprehend the relationship and effects of global issues to identify and leverage business opportunities.
  • Use technological, scientific, and humanities approaches to develop skills for lifelong learning.
  • Understand connections and complementary relationships between business and non-business disciplines.

Bachelor of Science in Finance:


The Bachelor of Science degree offered by the School of Business provides an undergraduate education with these characteristics:

  • Depth and excellence in one business discipline.
  • Depth and excellence in one Arts and Sciences, International Affairs, or Engineering discipline.
  • Based on strong foundations that establish connections from Business to Arts and Sciences, International Affairs, or Engineering disciplines.
  • Prepares GW students to become ethical, world business specialists.

Learning goals

Students will have:

  • Service learning experience.
  • Understanding of the intersection between business and society.
  • In-depth knowledge of one Business discipline (assessed in the Business major).
  • In-depth knowledge of one other discipline (assessed in the discipline major).

Students will develop the skills to become:

  • Problem solvers.
  • Critical thinkers.
  • Ethical business thinkers.