Bachelor of Business Administration:


At GWSB, we provide an undergraduate BBA education based on strong foundations that establish connections between liberal arts and science education and business tools:

  • With breadth, depth, and excellence in the Business disciplines
  • Which examines the relationships between business, government, and the larger society
  • Which is designed to prepare our students to become ethical world business leaders

Learning goals

Students who earn the BBA degree will possess the ability to:

  • Deliver clearly focused and concise oral presentations on business issues.
  • Write in a persuasive, cohesive, and coherent manner appropriate for the business environment.
  • Work effectively in team settings.
  • Propose rational, coherent resolutions to ethical concerns within a business context.
  • Identify, evaluate, and resolve business dilemmas using appropriate quantitative and qualitative tools.
  • Understand the linkages between the public and private sectors in society.
  • Comprehend the relationship and effects of global issues to identify and leverage business opportunities.
  • Use technological, scientific, and humanities approaches to develop skills for lifelong learning.
  • Understand connections and complementary relationships between business and non-business disciplines.

Bachelor of Accountancy:


To prepare students for careers as accountants or other business professionals, and in the long term, to make significant contributions to both private and public organizations in the global economy.  Students will learn to combine skills from arts and science classes, general business classes and accounting courses to think critically to understand business challenges and develop solutions for them.

Learning goals

Student will build skills in:

  • Technical Knowledge: Gain a comprehensive foundation in the technical knowledge of accounting.
  • Accounting regulatory environment: Understand the regulatory environment and its impact on accounting rules and practice.
  • Ethical Awareness: Behave ethically and demonstrate responsibility in organizations and society.
  • Critical Thinking: Exhibit problem-solving and analytical capability for sound accounting decision making.
  • Oral and Written Communication: Communicate effectively.

Bachelor of Science in Finance:


The Bachelor of Science degree offered by the School of Business provides an undergraduate education with these characteristics:

  • Depth and excellence in one business discipline.
  • Depth and excellence in one Arts and Sciences, International Affairs, or Engineering discipline.
  • Based on strong foundations that establish connections from Business to Arts and Sciences, International Affairs, or Engineering disciplines.
  • Prepares GW students to become ethical, world business specialists.

Learning goals

Students will have:

  • Service learning experience.
  • Understanding of the intersection between business and society.
  • In-depth knowledge of one Business discipline (assessed in the Business major).
  • In-depth knowledge of one other discipline (assessed in the discipline major).

Students will develop the skills to become:

  • Problem solvers.
  • Critical thinkers.
  • Ethical business thinkers.