Business Analytics


A Concentration in Business Analytics provides undergraduate students with analytical tools and conceptual framework needed to understand and apply data and decision modeling regardless of the size of the data and complication of the decision problem in real life settings. Analytics is defined as the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative models and fact based management to drive decisions and actions. It is more than just modeling and data manipulation.  It is a process of transforming data into actions through analysis and insights in the context of organizational decision making and problem solving.


For students who entered GWSB between Fall 2009 – Summer 2014:

BBA: Business Analytics Concentration Required Courses (Fall 2009 Curriculum)

For students entering GWSB beginning Fall 2014:

BBA: BA Concentration Required Courses (Fall 2014 Curriculum)

Career Options in Business Analytics

Students who complete the BBA field of concentration in Business Analytics should be particularly strong candidates in the job market because of the need for decision makers who have strong analytical skills and can deal with big data.  The research shows that companies are looking for utilizing all the data captured by their institutions in a productive way. BA students will be able to combine their data manipulation and model building skills with their managerial insights. The interest for business analytics certificate in our MBA program and the strong applications for the MSBA program prove the need of the market and the interest of the students in this undergraduate concentration.  Combining the BA concentration with any other areas in business (such as Finance or Marketing) or in other fields such as engineering, public policy, international affairs will give the student a significant edge in job market.