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November 30, 2011

Student Experiences: Jiayi (Daphne) Wang

My name is Jiayi (Daphne) Wang and I am a junior in the School of Business majoring in Marketing and Event Management. I am currently a member of the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, working with Dr. Joelle Davis Cater. We have been working on our research for a year now, titled “Making the Case! Case Study Competitions as a Tool of Academic Engagement and Career Development.” On October 19, 2011, Dr. Carter and I attended the 76th Annual International Convention of the Association for Business Communication in Montreal where we presented our preliminary findings. We gained some valuable feedback from our audience, and generated insights for our future research development. Furthermore, Dr. Carter and I had a great experience at the conference listening to presentations by scholars from universities around the world. REU is a great platform for undergraduate students to work with faculty on an in-depth research project. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in research and expanding their network to apply!

FINA 4900: Personal Finance

Do you know how to plan your personal finances?

Are you financially illiterate?





This course covers what you need to know about personal finance to manage your financial life in your 20s and 30s and beyond.

  • How do I borrow to pay for tuition? When do I pay it back? Should I consolidate my loans?
  • When do I start saving and how do I do it? How much should I save? How do I invest? How does the stock market work?
  • How do I get a good credit rating?
  • Should I buy or lease a car, apartment?
  • How much money must I make to have a good life?
  • How much money must I accumulate to have a good life when I retire?
  • How much life insurance and disability insurance do I need now? Later?

Follow a case study about Sally Smith, a recent college graduate, as she makes decisions about her financial life: finding a job, building a sideline business, leasing a car, financing a condo and then a home, marrying, having children, divorcing, paying her taxes, building an investment portfolio, inheriting money.

FINA 4900-10 (3 credit hours)
Spring 2012
Monday & Wednesday 3:45 – 5:00 PM

Ask Professor Cohen

FINA 6237: Personal Financial Advising/Private Wealth Management




FINA 6237-10, Spring 2012

CRN 66036 - Mondays 7:10-9:40 PM

Contact Professor Neil G. Cohen

Course Objectives

· The course addresses the need for professionally skilled personal financial advisors in the career track called PRIVATE WEALTH MANAGEMENT, where many jobs are available.

· It is directed at students from different fields (finance, accounting, law, marketing, human resources) who want to develop knowledge of this field, to be used as a career path.

How the Course Works

· The class environment is active Q&A and discussion, not a lecture, a workshop to learn how to do personal financial analysis and decision making using Excel templates.

· The first stage of the course lays out the basics of personal financial planning, income and estate taxation, retirement plans and pensions, and life and disability insurance in the context of a case study, The Morgan Family and Bob Green CFP.

· The second stage of the course uses a hands-on workshop approach for learning-by-doing. You will learn to make and present a comprehensive personal financial plan, including an investment portfolio plan.

· The third stage of the course deals with organizing, running, and marketing a private wealth management advisory practice, in the context of a case study, Metropolitan Private Wealth Management Group.

Business Creation and the Bottom Billions: Open Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies

Business Creation and the Bottom Billions: Open Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies (from Ideas to Implementation)
December 7, 2011
12:00-2:00 PM EST
Duquès Hall RM 258
Register FREE and more information at

MBSA's Information Session presented by INROADS

Attend the Multicultural Business Student Association’s Informational
Session presented by INROADS

Thursday December 1, 2011, 7pm
Duquès 652

What’s in it for you?

• Internships in the Business, Engineering, Computers and Information Sciences, Retail Store Management, Sales, Health or Marketing fields.
• Customized skills development training to prepare you to contribute from Day One.
• Unparalleled networking opportunities with career-minded peers, corporate executives and INROADS alumni.
• Gratifying community involvement.
• Year-round professional and personal coaching and guidance from your INROADS advisor.
• A corporate mentor who takes a personal interest in you.
• Access to scholarship opportunities.
• Free tutoring.
• Great potential for a full-time career after graduation.

GW Student Startup Incubator

The GW Office of Entrepreneurship welcomes all young GW student entrepreneurs to apply to the university's newly launched student startup incubator!

Housed at District I/O, the newest co-working space for entrepreneurs in D.C., the incubator offers five (5) rent-free office spaces to those GW students who are working hard on making their entrepreneurial dreams come true. To learn more about the incubator and the application process, please visit our website: The incubator is currently only accepting GW student entrepreneurs (both graduate and undergraduate), and we welcome applications on a rolling basis until the five (5) membership spots are filled. To access the application form alone, please visit For more questions, please email us.

Nominate a Professor or Graduate Teaching Assistant for a GW Teaching Award

Do you have a professor or a graduate teaching assistant who is the definition of “great teacher"? The Provost’s Office is calling for nominations for the annual GW teaching awards, including the Oscar and Shoshana Trachtenberg Prize for Teaching Excellence, the Bender Teaching Awards and the Philip J. Amsterdam Graduate Teaching Award. If you would like to nominate a professor for the Trachtenberg or Bender awards, we ask you to submit a short nomination form naming the candidate no later than Dec. 16 (visit and click on “Teaching Awards”). If you have a graduate teaching assistant you think should be nominated, speak with your department.

Do you need financial resources for a program that supports student activism, diversity or dialogue between opposing political or religious perspectives? Apply for support through the Hoffman Fund!

The Hoffman Fund provides financial resources to support student activism around tolerance and diversity, in addition to promoting dialogue between opposing political, religious and cultural points of view. Designed to help bridge the gap between academic awareness and practical understanding of these issues, funding has been awarded to initiatives that have the potential to transform GW students into compassionate global citizens and business leaders. Events that have been funded in the past are GWWIB's Spring Conference, MBSA's Business Diversity Week and GW Sustained Dialogue Campus Network's "Leadership and Inclusion Discourse" workshop.

The Hoffman Fund is housed within the GW School of Business and administered by the GWSB Office of Undergraduate Programs. Applications are accepted in the fall and spring semesters and evaluated by a committee comprised of GW faculty, staff and students. Funding is distributed on a first come, first serve basis. All members of the George Washington University community are invited to submit!

Interested in applying? Complete the application available HERE.

Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership - Spring 2012

Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership - Spring 2012
MGT 4001 80 63727
MGT 6290 80 63867

Have an idea? Make it real.

Class modules:
-Business plan - write a business plan on a venture you conceptualize (during class)

-Toolkit - learn, piece by piece, how to build your plan in addition to other key skills ranging from communication to negotiation and discussions such as leadership and work - life balance.

-Mentorship and Networks - an invaluable part of the class you'll never forget. Build and manage relationships to seek and give guidance. You'll repeat this same process for years to come, and it will be key to your success.

2011 class syllabus link (subject to change):

Who takes the class? Business and non business majors, undergraduate and graduate, from the George Washington University as well as other universities in our learning consortium.

When: Spring Semester 2011, Thursdays, 12:45 to 3:15 (the latter part of each class will be reserved for peer forums, a concept used by some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs)

Why: GW’s WEL class is the recipient of a National Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education award which led to a ranking of the GWSB entrepreneurship program in Fortune Small Business.

Who: The class will be taught by Kathy Korman Frey, Entrepreneur in Residence, a co-developer of the WEL class suite, and founder of the Hot Mommas Project research initiative.

Enjoy the company of future leaders, and the opportunity to discover and map out personal leadership options for the future. BUSINESS MAJORS AND NON BUSINESS MAJORS WELCOME

GWSB Toys for Tots

In honor of the upcoming holidays, the School of Business is hosting our 2nd annual Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation toy drive for local needy children. Please see below for details.

Who: School of Business students, administrators, and faculty

(Who will donate the most toys? Faculty? Administrators? Undergrads? Global MBAs? AMBA? EMBA? HMBAs? PMBA? WEMBA?)

What: Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation toy drive for local needy children (e.g. hospitals, hospices, shelters)
Where: Duquès 5th Floor Graduate Lounge (552)
When: Now - 10 December
How: Drop off unwrapped toys for children under 13 at the location above and warm a needy child's heart.

Last day to drop off toys will be Saturday, December 10th, so put your toy or toys in the 5th floor grad lounge soon!

What ages of children are eligible to receive toys?

Answer: National rules and guidelines permit distribution of toys to children from 0 up to 13 years of age.

What are the criteria to qualify to receive toys from this Program?

Answer: Local social service agencies and other legitimate organizations are used to identify needy children and help coordinators distribute toys in the local community. This reduces the possibility of one family receiving multiple gifts. For the benefit of the Toys For Tots Program Marines, to the extent feasible, distribute some toys directly to needy children (e.g. hospitals, hospices, shelters, special children’s event, etc.).

What kinds of toys are not allowed?

Answer: Toys with military theme. Toys related to weapons/law enforcement type toys. Toys with candy. Used toys. No chemicals (i.e. experimental labs, acid, crystal projects, etc.). The Toys For Tots Program does not allow these toys. Toys For Tots of the Marine Corps Reserve will not distribute toys fitting this description that are donated to the Program to children. Instead, these toys will be donated to another charitable organization.

What kind of toys can I donate?

Answer: New, unwrapped toys preferably around the $10 or above price range. It is unsafe to distribute dangerous or dirty toys that could cause injury or illness to a child.

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NEW! Student Experiences: Daphne Wang

NEW! FINA 4900: Personal Finance

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NEW! Business Creation and the Bottom Billions: Open Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies

NEW! MBSA's Information Session presented by INROADS

NEW! GW Student Startup Incubator

NEW! Nominate a Professor or Graduate Teaching Assistant for a GW Teaching Award

Do you need financial resources for a program that supports student activism, diversity or dialogue between opposing political or religious perspectives? Apply for support through the Hoffman Fund!

Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership - Spring 2012

GWSB Toys for Tots

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