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July 22, 2010

How I'm Spending My Summer: Emily Wagner

Emily Wagner at the top of the Eiffel Tower

My summer so far has a little bit of everything. I’m taking an online short-term study abroad class through GW, I have a part time internship, and still have time to relax and recharge for the fall. My internship is with the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York, I’m working directly with the business manager of the studio. Lately I’ve been researching and comparing real estate prices and estimates for a new location in Los Angeles. In the coming weeks I’m going to assist the Managing Director, the Business Manager and a freelance IT/Accounting consultant with preparing the budget for the upcoming year. The internship has some pretty great perks, I get free theater tickets, and get to run into famous people, like Bill Paxton from Big Love.

In June my GW Summer Class, called Paris: Modernism in the Arts, Then and Now, went to Paris for 2 weeks. We had special lectures about modernist art and architecture by Parisian professors as well as lectures from the professor for the class, Mary Buckley (a dance history professor with an MBA). The class (of only 9 students) even got to meet some contemporary artists and composers to discuss how 20th century artists influenced them. The course gave us a lot of time to explore on our own, I loved discovering little parks in Paris, and how easy it was to grab delicious food and take in the city. I’ve been back for a week or so now and am still weaning myself off of bread. Before I left for Paris I was determined to eat tons of French Macaroons, and see if they were really better than the ones I could find at home. They are! So as an avid baker, one of my summer projects is to bake them myself. So far I’ve only made the Almond flour, but if they turn out well the recipe will come back to GW with me for the fall.

Colonial Inauguration 2010

GWSB student leaders enjoying cupcakes at the School of Business co-curricular programs presentation.

This year's Colonial Inauguration sessions included a new exhibit in the School of Business which featured the Co-Curricular Programs. Director of Undergraduate Programs, Joelle Carter, gave a presentation to incoming freshmen and their parents in regards to the Co-Curricular Programs offered through the Undergraduate Programs office. The presentation was followed by a cupcake networking session with GWSB student leaders and staff. Joelle's powerpoint presentation included videos of students leaders and their perspectives on the programs they are leaders of. Check out the student perspectives on our co-curricular programs at:

Tech Start-up Seeks GWSB Student for Business Plan Development

Wanted: Someone who is fun, a team player, comfortable with numbers and spreadsheets, and dares to dream.

Yondrr Company is seeking a student intern to assist with business plan development for 2-8 hours per week. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word is required. An interest or experience in online games and virtual worlds is a plus, as is passion for children, negating ADD/ADHD, and/or reducing the number of obese children in America. Compensation is contingent on experience, skills and the ability to deliver. To apply, applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to with the subject line "Yondrr Intern."

About Yondrr

Yondrr Company is a start-up, still in the “garage”. It was founded by two GW grad students, Connie Moore and Penny Gillespie, who met while serving as analysts at Forrester Research. The company encourages behavioral changes in children through fun and educational tools—to create and maintain healthy living and higher self esteem through a positive learning experience. It provides creative, interactive and fun software applications and publishing services that teach and support behavioral modification programs to families who want to enhance education, foster creativity, improve organizational skills, build executive function and encourage wellness in their children. Although we founded a corresponding non-profit, The Yondrr Foundation (, the focus of the work would be on The Yondrr Company as we work to complete the business plan and product requirements.

Leadership Opportunity with the Finance and Investments Club

Looking to compliment your interest in business with a leadership activity on campus? The Finance and Investments Club (FIC) is currently looking for VP candidates for the upcoming schoolyear, as well as for students who are looking to become members. The Finance and Investments Club is a group on campus that has access to various professional and networking events, training programs, and employment opportunities. Students intrested in learning more should email

MGT 190: Entrepreneurship

Course: MGT 190

Instructor: J. Mark Phillips

Course Description

This course presents the fundamentals of starting a business of any type, including nonprofits, technology firms, service businesses, and business with a social focus. Students will learn and utilize techniques for developing, refining, and eventually implementing a sustainable business idea. Students will have the opportunity to show entrepreneurial initiative through the completion of a variety of projects.

MGT 117: Managerial Negotiations

MGT 117 will be taught in the Fall 2010 by Professor James Bailey with the following new course title and desctiption.

Managerial Negotiations

Negotiation theories, strategies, and tactics as applied to genuine managerial situations. Includes exposure to the nature of interdependencies, as well as practice in competitive, collaborative, and mediation dynamics. Considerable focus on employee relations, including employee rights, and the impact of unions on human resource practices. Makes extensive use of self-assessments, exercises, role plays, and cases.

BADM 122: Career Management Strategy

48 Hour Resume Review


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NEW! How I'm Spending My Summer: Emily Wagner

NEW! Colonial Inauguration 2010

NEW! Tech Start-up Seeks GWSB Student for Business Plan Development

NEW! Leadership Opportunity with the Finance and Investments Club

NEW! MGT 190: Entrepreneurship

MGT 117: Managerial Negotiations

BADM 122: Career Management Strategy

48 Hour Resume Review

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