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General GWSB Questions

What is the First Year Development Program (FYDP)?

FYDP is a mandatory program that lasts two semesters and is an integral part of your GWSB program. You must take FYDP as a freshman and register for BADM 1001 in the Fall semester and BADM 1002 in the Spring semester. FYDP meets once a week throughout the semester with large colloquiums 2-3 times throughout the semester. In addition, upperclassmen serve as mentors for the freshmen students. BADM 1001 and BADM 1002 are taken for .5 credit hours each semester for a letter grade. Both of these courses are required for your freshman year studies and attendance and completion of the assignments is mandatory. There is a $75.00 fee each semester for this program.

Is the School accredited?

The University is accredited by its regional accrediting agency, the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. GWSB has maintained full membership in the Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration since 1961 and in 1968 became a member of AACSB. AACSB--The International Association for Management Education reaccredited the undergraduate business program and accredited the accountancy program in 1999.

Is there an honors program that I can participate in?

Yes, there is a highly selective University Honors Program (UHP). Honors students take small seminar courses which fulfill general curriculum requirements and are organized into four rubrics covering philosophical foundations, the natural and social sciences, and the humanities. The UHP is a University-wide program and is not specific to the GWSB but inclusive of students from across the undergraduate school. The program is fully integrated into, synergistic with and reinforcing of the highest academic aspirations of the School of Business. The Program is open to incoming freshmen applicants only. Applicants must submit additional essays within the GW or Common Application to be admitted to the Honors Program. For more information visit the UHP website.

What Co-Curricular programs are offered?

Co-Curricular programs are an essential part of the GWSB Undergraduate leadership experience. Learn more about how you can get involved in programs such as the Mintz Sophomore Getaway and the GWSB Undergraduate New York Career Trek.

Where can I find information about the Curriculum?

For curriculum information, please see our Degree Programs page.

Can you tell me about the class sizes of some of the courses I may be taking?

You may find that some of your required freshman classes are quite large. As you progress in your studies, most of your business course classes will not number over thirty students. However, in a few cases you may find yourself in larger classes as the result of our desire to allow all of our students to benefit from our best faculty. In these classes you will have follow-up discussion and laboratory sessions with highly qualified teaching assistants.

Majors and Programs

I have not decided whether to major in business or accounting. What should I do?

Dont panic and don’t rush your decision - you have until your junior year to make that decision. The first two years of the BBA and the BAccy programs have identical course requirements. Please explore the potentinal careers that you can pursue with each degree by visiting the F. David Fowler Career Center.

If I enter the accountancy program, what do I need to move from my pre-accountancy status?

Students enter the pre-Accountancy program upon being admitted to the first year of studies. Admission to the BAccy program requires junior status and a grade-point average of 2.5.

Can I develop an Individualized Field of Concentration?

Yes, if you are a BBA student and have a 2.8 GPA; no if you are a BAccy student. Because of the highly structured nature of the BAccy program as preparation for the professional certification, it is not possible to design an individualized program. However, BBA students are encouraged to utilize the flexibility of that program to meet their individual career goals. Please contact the Advising Center for additional information.

What information is available about Five Year BBA/Masters Programs?

GWSB currently offers several five-year programs, including those leading to a BBA and Master of Science in Information Systems and a Master of Tourism Administration. Students must apply for admission to the graduate program after completion of 75 credit hours. The BBA/MSIST program requires that at least 60 hours have been completed at GW prior to applying in the second semester of the junior year.

How do I declare a Field of Concentration?

Declaring your field of concentration should happen no later than the second semester of the sophomore year. However, the process of determining which of the fields may be of interest to you begins in the First Year Development Program, taken during your freshman year. The selection process continues during the sophomore year when you begin to narrow down your choices by meeting with faculty members. You may also be interested in signing up for the Mintz Sophomore Getaway which is a program designed to help sophomores select their Field of Concentratrion among other leadership development activities. If you are interested in declaring your Field of Concentration, please visit the Advising Center.

What are Dual Fields?

You may choose a dual field in order to concentrate in two different business areas. For example, you may choose to combine International Business with Finance or Small Business Management with Marketing. To do this, your program requires a minimum of 130 credit hours and possibly as many as 136 credit hours, rather than the standard 121 credit hours.

If your dual interest is not in business, you can embark on a secondary area of study in a variety of fields in other schools of the University. The requirements vary, but it is common to be able to complete this in 121 credit hours.

What are "Modules"?

Modular courses, which you will begin to take during your second year, last for only a portion of the semester. As one 7-week module ends another begins. Each module has its own instructor and receives a separate grade. Although you will take more courses during a semester, at any point in the time during the semester you will not be attending more than the usual class load.

Registration and Scheduling

How do I register for classes?

Registration is available at the GWeb information system. Registration for the following semester takes place midway through the current semester. The current Schedule of Classes is found online and is updated prior to the registration period. (Your registration is not complete and you may not attend class until all of your financial obligations have been fulfilled.)

Where can I find the Schedule of Classes?

Please see

Where can I find Course Descriptions?

Please see

How do I Change My Schedule?

Changes to your schedule can be made on GWeb after the Priority Registration period begins up until the second week of classes. Please be aware that on the Freshmen registration days (students who have earned less than 30 credits), only Freshmen can register. Be sure to refer to the “Important Dates” info which is available at the Advising Center. Please be sure to review the registration schedule and Academic Calendar for important dates as established by the University. Any changes made to a student's schedule on or after the first day of classes are subject to financial penalties.

What information is available about Internships?

Normally, you cannot get credit for an internship. However, once BADM 66, Organizational Behavior, has been successfully completed and you have a minimum GPA of 2.5, you may design a 1-credit Independent Research in conjunction with an internship. This is under the direction of an instructor, teaching assistant or doctorial candidate. Additionally, once 54 credit hours have been completed and a 2.5 GPA has been achieved, you can develop an independent research plan and enroll in a three-credit Independent Research based on coursework that is related to the content of your internship. This study is undertaken under the sponsorship of a regular, full-time faculty member in accordance with the rules of the appropriate department. Specific documents must be completed and submitted prior to beginning any independent study. For specific information, contact your advisor.

What information is available about the Pass/No Pass Option?

Taking a course pass/no pass is an option but it may only be used by juniors and seniors who have a 2.5 or higher overall GPA. The Pass/No Pass (P/NP) option may be used for upper-level, non-business elective course work only, and only one course per semester may be taken P/NP. You must decide to take an elective P/NP on or before the 8th week of the semester and this must be indicated in writing to the Advising Center before that date. No requests for Pass/No Pass courses will be approved after the 8th week of classes.

The Advising Center

Am I required to come to the Advising Center for Academic Advising?

If you are a freshman or are on academic probation, you are required to meet with your advisor prior to registration. Freshmen and probation students will receive a registration hold on their records if they do not receive advising. We strongly recommend that all other students see an advisor each semester to make sure that you are proceeding on track and in a timely fashion. It is suggested that you come in early for pre-registration advising beginning at the end of September; postponing until the last minute can result in a longer wait to speak with an advisor.

I'm having some issues meeting all of my degree requirements, what do I do?

Please schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor as soon as possible. Your advisor will examine the courses you have completed thus far and what remaining courses you will have to take to graduate. They will work with you to suggest courses of action for any curricular problems you might be having. Any deviations from stated academic policy guidelines and the curriculum must be petitioned by the student and considered for approval by the Director of Advising or their representative. Additional academic permission may be required, please see your advisor for additional inforamation.

How can I sign up for an Independent Research?

Independent study may be undertaken once 54 semester hours have been completed and with the approval of a sponsoring faculty member and an approved Request for Independent Research Form filed in The Advising Center.

Grades and GPA

How can I check my Grades?

Grades will be available on the GWeb information system at the end of each semester. Grades are not issued by instructors or released over the telephone.

How is my GPA calculated?

QPI is the term we use for your overall and major grade point average (GPA). You may see either term used in reference to your average grades. We use a letter grading system, the details of which can be found in the University Bulletin.

What are Incompletes?

A grade of Incomplete (I) may be given to a student at the discretion of the instructor. An incomplete grade is considered when circumstances have arisen beyond the student's control. An incomplete must be registered with the Advising Center through an “Incomplete Contract". This must be completed within one semester (fall or spring) unless a petition is granted for an extension. An incomplete grade that is not removed within this period is automatically changed to an administrative F and is calculated into the quality point index.

What are the requirements for Dean’s List?

Full-time students, registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours, who achieve a 3.75 QPI or higher for one semester are placed on the Deans Honor List. Part-time students who achieve a 3.75 QPI or higher for no fewer than 12 semester hours over two consecutive semesters receive the same recognition. (GW summer sessions will be considered as one semester for this purpose.)

What is the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)?

When you enter college, your records fall under the provisions of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (aka FERPA or the Buckley Amendment). This law protects the privacy of your student record. We may not discuss your records with anyone else without your consent. Should you wish to grant consent to a third party (parents), you may submit a Student Consent for Release of Information to Third Parties which can be found here: Please submit this form to the Office of the Registrar @ Colonial Central. If you do not file this form with the Registrar's Office, we are prevented by federal law to release any information to a third party without your consent. Please carefully consider the ramifications of both limiting and granting access to your student records. All questions regarding FERPA should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Academic Difficulty

What are Mid-Semester Warnings?

During your first semester at GW and every semester thereafter, the Advising Center sends out mid-semester grade requests to all professors. This request asks for feedback on any student who is doing unsatisfactory work (C- or below). Based on the feedback that is received, those students are then given a mid-semester warning via e-mail by the Director of Advising. This noticed should be perceived as an official directive to consult with both your professor and your advisor.

What if I'm getting into Academic Difficulty?

If you’re getting into academic difficulty, first remember that your advisor is here to help you. As soon as you sense a problem, come to The Advising Center. Small problems tend to escalate rapidly and we can help you find a solution before a problem becomes insurmountable.

If a student’s GPA (either overall or major field) falls below 2.0 after the completion of a minimum of 12 semester hours of course work, the student is put on probation and advised that they are in academic trouble. Students on probation can enroll in only 12 semester hours and must meet biweekly with their academic advisor outlining what must be done for the student to be allowed to continue at GW. If the student is not off probation by the end of the next semester, the student may be suspended. A student who is suspended may apply for readmission after the lapse of at least one fall or spring semester. For further details, please see the University Bulletin.

I'm having difficulty with some courses, what do I do?

Our first suggestion would be to meet with your professor during their office hours to discuss how you can succeed in their course. If the course has a Teaching Assistant, try to solicit their help too. There are a myriad of tutoring options available for students. Please come by the Advising Center to learn about some of these resources.

What are the policies for dropping or withdrawing from a course?

Students may drop courses on GWeb up until the end of the second week of classes. Students may continue to drop classes up until the 4th week of classes in the Office of the Registrar at Colonial Central. Please keep in mind that if you drop below full-time (12 credits) your financial aid, housing, athletic eligibility, I-20 status, and ability to receive some benefits associated with being full-time can be affected. Students who register between 12 and 17 credits pay a flat fee for tuition. If your enrollment remains between these numbers, there will likely be no financial penalty for dropping a course. If your enrollment goes outside of this range, then you will be subjected to the refund schedule which is located on the Registrar's website. This is based upon the date the drop occurs.

After the 4th week of classes, you will receive a W for all courses withdrawn. You can withdraw up until the 8th week of classes with the Office of the Registrar at Colonial Central. After the 8th week has passed, if you wish to consider withdrawing from courses, please make an appointment with the Advising Center. No tuition refunds will be issued for withdrawn courses.

Optional Programs

What is Consortium of Universities?

With permission, you may take certain courses at the institutions that belong to the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. These institutions include: American University, The Catholic University of America, the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Gallaudet University, George Mason University, Georgetown University, Howard University, Marymount University, Trinity (Washington) University, the University of the District of Columbia, and the University of Maryland at College Park. For information on Consortium rules and regulations, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

What if I need to take a semester off?

Once you start your degree program, you are expected to be continuously enrolled and actively engaged in fulfilling degree requirements during each semester of the academic year until the degree is conferred. If you are not planning to register for any new course work at the University, you must register for continuous enrollment through either a Leave of Absence or Continuous Enrollment (granted for a maximum of two academic semesters). For more information, please see the University Bulletin and also speak with your advisor.

What if I want to take courses at home during the summer and what are GWSB's Residency requirements?

Students may take a maximum of nine credits at an institution of higher education post-matriculation to GW. Please obtain a Summer/Study Elsewhere Approval Form in the Advising Center. Have the credit articulation approved by the department that would normally approve the coursework at GW, and bring the approved form to the Advising Center for final approval. Please note that upper-level coursework may not be taken at a community college and that you will be subject to the Residency requirements of the School of Business.

Of the 120 credit hours required for graduation, at least 60 credits MUST be completed at GW and at least 30 credits, including 27 credits in required business or accountancy courses, must be completed while registered at the School of Business. The work of the senior or final year must be completed in the School of Business. Students who have successfully completed 60 credit hours at GW may not take courses at a community college.

What if I'm studying abroad?

Why should I study abroad?
  • Broaden your experiences in life.
  • Meet people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Explore new interests.
  • Gain new insights and outlooks while enjoying new relationships.
  • Help find out what you want to do in life.
  • Expand your employment opportunities.
What if I am not fluent in a second language?

Most countries offer programs with some coursework in English. In addition, there are many English speaking countries that have programs such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the British Isles. Please note, that the School of Business does encourage the pursuit of a second language.

Where do I start?
  • Decide what your expectations are of studying abroad.
  • RESEARCH: Look through the Office for Study Abroad’s webiste which lists program information. Go to the Study Abroad fairs and speak with representatives. Speak to other students who have previously attended the program(s) in which you are interested. Attend an Information Session sponsored by the Office for Study Abroad. These dates may be found at
  • Speak with a GWSB Study Abroad Advisor in the Advising Center to see how the program will fit into your BBA or BAccy curriculum.
Will my credits be transferred back to GW after departure?

Most of the time. If you work carefully with the Advising Center, we can plan what courses you will take while you are away and have the courses approved prior to your departure.

Please remember that you must receive a grade of “C” or higher in order to transfer credit back to GW.

What if I change the courses abroad from the ones pre-approved?

GWSB students are responsible for being familiar with their academic program. If a student takes a course that is not approved prior to departure, they will either have to get the approval while abroad via e-mail or once they return. Students must go to the appropriate department at GW to seek course approval.

Graduation Information

What are the General Requirements to Graduate?

Bachelor of Business Administration: Must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours or 129 hours if you are pursuing a dual field.

Bachelor of Accountancy: Must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of course work. B.Accy students cannot pursue dual fields.

Both programs require that the last 30 hours be in residence at GWSB. You must have at least a 2.0 GPA for all course work and a 2.0 GPA in all required 100-level BAccy or BBA courses and field of concentration courses.

When is the Application for Graduation due?

The Application for Graduation must be submitted to the Advising Center by October 1st for Fall Graduation, February 1st for Spring Graduation, and July 1st for Summer Graduation. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to submit their graduation applications before their semester of graduation so that we may have an opportunity to review any potential remaining degree requirements that may be outstanding. Applications for graduation received after the deadline will incur a $35 late fee in addition to the standard $100 graduation fee.

I will be graduating in the summer; can I still walk in the Spring Ceremony?

Students who need no more than nine credit hours to complete the degree may participate in the May commencement ceremonies if there is a reasonable expectation that they will be able to obtain the needed credits in the summer semester. Students in this situation will have their degrees conferred in August and the term of graduation will be summer.

I am in a five-year program, which ceremonies can I attend?

Students in five-year programs may participate in the GWSB School Ceremony ONLY once they have completed the requirements for the Bachelor's degree. Only, after the completion of the Master's degree may students attend the University commencement ceremonies.

Students in five-year programs will not have their Bachelor's degrees conferred until both the Bachelor's and Master's degree requirements have been satisfied.

What are the Latin Honors requirements?

There are opportunities to graduate with special recognition. In order to be eligible, a student must complete at least 60 hours of course work at GW. The GPA requirement to graduate cum laude is 3.40 to 3.59, magna cum laude 3.60 to 3.79, and summa cum laude 3.80 and above.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas will be mailed out to students six to eight weeks after the conferral date.


Are there computer facilities available?

The University has several 24-hour computer labs available to students. These are located in the Academic Center, Rooms B1 Hall and B104, Marvin Center G04 and Gelman Library B04 and B05. On the Mount Vernon campus, there is a 24-hours lab in Eckles Library 113.

Do I have to read my GW e-mail?

It is absolutely necessary for you to check and read your GW email account. Your official GW e-mail address is the primary means of communication between your Dean's Office, your faculty, your advisor, and you. You will create your e-mail address prior to arriving for Colonial Inauguration and then will be entered on your Class listserv in the Office of Undergraduate Programs. Once an e-mail has been sent to the listserv to your individual e-mail, it serves as verification that you have received that information; it is your responsibility to read and note the contents.

Student Life and Organizations

Can you give me some information about Student Organizations?

In addition to the GW student organizations that might interest you, there are a number of GWSB organizations in which, as a BAccy or BBA student, you may be particularly interested. You will hear about these organizations regularly via e-mail, flyers and through your classes. The affiliate members of the Undergraduate Business Association are Alpha Kappa Epsilon, (honor society for international business), Alpha Kappa Psi (business fraternity), Beta Alpha Psi (accountancy honor society), Capitol Advertising, Delta Sigma Pi (business fraternity), Finance and Investment Club, GW DECA, GW Net Impact: Undergraduate Chapter, GWSB Alliance, GW Women in Business, Multicultrual Business Student Association, and SuccessTalk. In addition there is a GW chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, the honor society for business students. Check GWired’s Student Organizations Listing for more informationa about all of GW's student organizations.