School of Business

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Unrestricted Course Options

Students in the BBA program have two unrestricted electives that are usually taken during students' junior and senior years. The unrestricted elective, like the non-business elective, is a 3-credit course numbered 100 to 199. All courses that would be considered upper-level non-business electives can also be used as unrestricted electives. Any course that is not given credit in the BBA program, such as EDUC 180: Computer Literacy, MATH 3, 9, 10, or 20 (unless 21 is completed), EXSA courses, or the first semester of a language the student took in high school, may not be used as an unrestricted elective.

While non-business electives can not be courses in the Departments of Accountancy, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, International Business, Information Systems Technology Management, Mathematics, Management Science, Marketing, Strategic Management & Public Policy, Statistics, or Sport, Event and Hospitality Management, unrestricted electives can be courses in these departments.

See the Undergraduate Bulletin for course listings and prerequisite information.