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For your convenience, we have linked each course listing to the University Bulletin

Choose two courses from the SAME area:

ASTR 1001: Stars, Planets, and Life in the Universe (Prerequisite High School Algebra)
ASTR 1002: Origins of the Cosmos (Prerequisite High School Algebra)
BISC 1005 and 1006: Biology of Nutrition and Health/Ecology and Evolution of Organisms
BISC 1111 and 1112: Introductory Biology for Science Majors
CHEM 1003 and 1004: Contemporary Science for Nonscience Majors (CHEM 1003 not a prereq of 1004)
CHEM 1111 and 1112 OR HONR 1033 and 1034: General Chemistry (Prerequisite CHEM 1111 H.S. Algebra, CHEM 1112 is CHEM 1111)
GEOL 1001 or GEOL 1005: Physical Geology or Environmental Geology
GEOL 1002: Historical Geology (Prerequisite GEOL 1001 or 1005)
PHYS 1011: General Physics I (Prerequisite High School Trigonometry)
PHYS 1012: General Physics II