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Moral Reasoning

For your convenience, we have linked each course listing to the University Bulletin

Choose an Ethics-based course from the following:

ANTH 150: Human Rights Ethics - Spring Only (Prerequisite ANTH 2)
ANTH 157: Kinship, Family, and Comm.
BADM 190W: Analysis of Business Issues (Prerequisite UW 20)
COMM 150: Persuasion (Prerequisite COMM 25)
COUNSELING 162: Professional and Ethical Orientation to Counseling
CSCI 110: Technology and Society
HIST 159: The Holocaust - Spring Only
NSC 176: Leadership and Ethics
PHIL 125, PHIL 131, PHIL 132, PHIL 135, PHIL 142: See Undergraduate Bulletin for description
PSYC 156: Psychology of Attitudes and Public Opinion (Prerequisite PSYC 1)
PSYC 188: Attitudes towards Death and Dying (Prerequisite PSYC 1)
REL 106: Judaism
REL 116: Modern Jewish Thought
REL 121: Ethics and The World Religions
REL 122: Christian Ethics and Modern Society
REL 123: Issues in Jewish Ethics
REL 134: The Holocaust in Theology and Literature
REL 146: Christianity in the Modern World
REL 158: Hinduism
REL 160: Buddhism
REL 161: Islam
REL 164: Islamic Philosophy and Theology
REL 181: Women in Western Religion
SOC 162: Sociology of the Family (Prerequisite SOC 1)
SOC 163: Sociology of Education (Prerequisite SOC 1)
SOC 175: Sociology of Sex and Gender (Prerequisite SOC 1)
SOC 179: Race and Minority Relations (Prerequisite SOC 1)
SOC 189: Special Topics in Criminal Justice (Prerequisite SOC 1)
SMPA 152: Principles of Public Relations
WSTU 125: Varieties of Feminist Theory - Spring Only (Prerequisite WSTU 1 or 120)