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For your convenience, we have linked each course listing to the University Bulletin

Choose one course:

ART 31 or 32: Survey of Western Art
ART 71: Introduction to the Arts in America
CLAS 71: Greek Literature and Civilization
CLAS 72: Roman Literature and Civilization
COMM 40: Public Communication
COMM 41: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 42: Business and Professional Speaking (For Non-Communication Minors Only)
ENGL 40: Critical Readings in English (Prerequisite UW 20)
ENGL 51 or 52: Introduction to English Literature (Prerequisite UW 20)
ENGL 61 or 62: Tragedy/Comedy (Prerequisite UW 20)
ENGL 71 or 72: Introduction to American Literature (Prerequisite UW 20)
ENGL 91 or 92: Survey of Post Colonial Literature (Prerequisite UW 20)
FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Level 3 and up (Based on Placement Test)
HIST 42: Women in Western Civilization
HMN 1: Roots of the Western Tradition
HMN 2: Ideas in Western Culture: Aquinas to Locke
HMN 3: The Enlightenment
HMN 4: Romanticism & Revolution: The 19th Century
HMN 5: The 20th Century Consciousness
HMN 6: Asian Humanities
HMN 7: African Humanities
HMN 8: Islamic Humanities
MUS 3: Music in the Western World
MUS 4: Topics in Music for Non-Majors
MUS 7: Music of the World
MUS 8: History of Jazz
PHIL 45: Introduction to Logic
PHIL 51: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 62: Philosophy & Film
PSTD 10: Intro. to Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution
PSYC 1, 11, 12, 13: See Undergraduate Bulletin for description and prerequisites
REL 1: Introduction to World Religions: West
REL 2: Introduction to World Religions: East
REL 9: Bible: The Hebrews Scriptures
REL 10: Bible: New Testament
SPHR 11: Voice & Diction
SPHR 71: Foundations of Human Communication
SPHR 72: Multicultural Issues in Human Communication
TRDA 45: Understanding the Theatre
TRDA 46: Understanding the Dance