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Cultural and Political Diversity

For your convenience, we have linked each course listing to the University Bulletin

Choose one course.

This requirement must focus on a study of a culture, political system or religion OTHER than one's own. Students are encouraged to consider a foreign language; Level 2 or higher is acceptable for fulfilling this requirement. A VERY ABBREVIATED list of possibilities is below:

ANTH 1002: Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH 1003: Archaeology
ANTH 1004: Language in Culture and Society
AH 1031 or 1032: Survey of Western Art
CLAS 71 or 72: Greek/Roman Literature and Civilization
CLAS 81 or 82: Classical Islamic/Modern Middle Eastern Lit.
COMM 3174: Intercultural Communication (Prerequisite COMM 1041)
ENGL 1410 or 1411: Introduction to English Literature (Prerequisite UW 1020)
ENGL 1830 or 1840: Tragedy/Comedy (Prerequisite UW 1020)
ENGL 183 or 184: Literature of Black America (Prerequisite UW 1020)
ENGL 1710 or 1711: Survey of Postcolonial Literature (Prerequisite UW 1020)
FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Level 2 and up (Based on Placement Test)
GEOG 1001: Introduction to Human Geography
HIST 1011 : World History, 1500-Present
HIST 1110 or 1120: European Civilization in Its World Context
HIST 1020: Women in Western Civilization
HMN 1001-1008: See Undergraduate Bulletin for description
IAFF 2090: Latin America: Problems and Promise
IAFF 2091: East Asia - Past and Present
IAFF 2092: Russia and Eastern Europe: an Introduction
IAFF 2093: Africa: Problems and Prospects
MUS 1103: Music in the Western World
MUS 1104: Topics in Music for Non-Majors
MUS 1107: Music of the World
MUS 1108: History of Jazz
PHIL 1051: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2125: Philosophy of Race and Gender
PSC 1001: Introduction to Comparative Politics
PSC 1003: Introduction to International Politics
PSTD 1010: Introduction to Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution
REL 1001: Introduction to World Religions: West
REL 1002: Introduction to World Religions: East
REL 1009: Bible: Hebrew Scriptures
REL 1010: Bible: New Testament
SOC 1001: Introduction to Sociology
SOC 1003: Introduction to Criminal Justice
SPHR 1072: Multicultural Issues in Human Communication
SPHR 1081: Sign Language & Deafness l
SPHR 1082: Sign Language & Deafness II (SPHR 1081 is the prerequisite of SPHR 1082)
TRDA 1025 : Understanding the Theatre
TRDA 1015 : Understanding the Dance
WSTU 1020: Women in Western Civilization
WSTU 2120: Introduction to Women's Studies

Below are additional Cultural and Political Diversity choices for International Students ONLY:
AMST 2020/HIST 2020: Washington, D.C.: History, Culture and Politics
AMST 71 or 72: Introduction to American Studies
AH 1071: Introduction to Arts in America
ENGL 1510 or 1511: Introduction to American Literature (Prerequisite UW 1020)
HIST 1310 or 1311: Introduction to American History
PSC 1002: Introduction to American Politics and Government
SOC 2105: Social Problems in American Society