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Information Systems

Information Systems Concentration Required Courses (beginning Fall 2009)


The BBA with a concentration in Information Systems enables undergraduate students to acquire an excellent understanding of all of the components of information technology (IT), and to obtain the skills and knowledge of analytical methods needed to design and develop the information systems (IS) that are indispensable to businesses. The IT overview covers areas ranging from computer hardware/software to data communications (including the Internet and the World Wide Web) to data management. Students also learn about and have hands-on experience in the structured development of information systems, programming, database design, and other techniques needed in order to successfully design and develop information systems. These IS/IT-specific skills and knowledge, coupled with an understanding of the other aspects of business acquired in the BBA, give students a competitive start in this “information age.“

Career Options in Information Systems

All facets of management, be it in the private sector, in government, or in non-profit organizations, require information that is accurate, relevant, timely and complete. That is why appropriate information systems have become absolutely necessary for every business. Beyond that, information systems have also become strategically important in carving out new business opportunities. Many organizations have established the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) and elevated the function to the executive level. The BBA in Information Systems enables students to enter this career stream as programmer analysts and system analysts. With experience and enhanced knowledge, students are able to progress in this exciting career, perhaps all the way to becoming a CIO, succeeding as a consultant, or starting their own IS/IT business. This is an excellent choice for a double major.