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Bachelor of Accountancy


Accounting is the management of financial information. Accountants design and implement systems that capture relevant information from the transactions in which an organization engages. The accountant analyzes that information and communicates it to others, answering questions such as: “How profitable is this business? How solvent? How risky?“

Career Options in Accountancy

Every organization with financial records needs accountants. Students with a Bachelor of Accountancy who begin working immediately upon graduation pursue careers in public or corporate accounting or with the government. Public accountants audit financial statements and provide tax planning and financial advisory services to their clients. Some accountants who work for corporations are responsible for preparing and maintaining the financial records of the business; others use accounting and other information to help evaluate potential and existing products and projects in order to aid in managerial decision making. Governmental accountants help to prepare and administer the budgets under which their agencies operate.

An undergraduate degree in accounting is also an excellent foundation for graduate study in business, finance, or law.

Program of Study and Course Guidelines (for students admitted prior to Fall 2009)

Program of Study and Course Guidelines for Students (beginning Fall 2009)