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Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Accountancy offers both specialized knowledge in accounting and a general education leading to a broad understanding of the business world. The program is designed to prepare the student for a professional career in accounting in the public or private sector as well as for graduate study in business, finance, information systems, or law.

Admission Information: Students enter the pre-accountancy program upon being admitted to the first year of (general) studies. Admission to the BAccy program requires junior status and a grade-point average of 2.5.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree offers general management preparation with an opportunity for specialization in a specific field of business. It represents a careful balance of structure and choice, with flexibility that allows students to tailor their program to reflect the individual career goals they have selected. While each student takes the same basic business core classes, many of the general education courses and courses in the field of concentration are individually selected to suit each student.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a major in Finance emphasizes a finance-focused education, directly targeting the financial industry including commercial banks, investment banks, investment companies, and insurance companies. Along with a required second major in a non-Business field, the BS in Finance degree not only integrates the University’s emphasis on interdisciplinary study at the undergraduate level, but also positions GW Business students to become informed global stewards. To see the specific program requirements for this Bachelor of Science degree, view the Bachelor of Science in Finance Curriculum Sheet.

This new degree program allows non-Business students to pursue a second major in Finance. For curriculum requirements specific to non-Business students, please view the Finance Major Curriculum Sheet.

Students who wish to pursue the BS Degree with a major in Finance, must apply and be admitted to this competitive program.

  • Deadlines: There are two deadlines for this Bachelor of Science degree:
    • October 15 (online applications available at the end of September)
    • March 15 (online applications available at the end of February).
  • Required Materials:
    • Academic Plan. The application process requires the student to complete an academic plan which demonstrates their ability to complete this degree within four years from the start of their undergraduate studies.
    • Essay. Additionally, students are required to write an essay on their interest in pursuing the Finance and their second majors, including the way the degree aligns with personal and professional goals beyond graduation.
    • Online Application:
  • Process: The application materials will be reviewed by the Finance Department Chair, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, and the Executive Director of Undergraduate Advising and Programs. Applicants will be informed of their application status within 3-4 weeks after the application deadline.
    • GWSB Students: If accepted into the BS Degree with a major in Finance program, the Executive Director will change the students’ degree to Bachelor of Science and their first major to Finance in Banner. GWSB students must also obtain approval for their second major.
    • Non-GWSB Students: If accepted into the Finance major, students must bring a major declaration form from their home school to the GWSB Advising Center to be completed and signed by a GWSB Advisor. Once completed, students will need to return the form to their home school’s Dean’s Office/Advising Office to have their academic record updated with their second major.

For more information, current GWSB students can watch the Prezi here. Students wishing to double major in finance from other CCAS, SEAS, or the Elliot School of International Affairs can watch the Prezi here.

*Please note, the Curriculum Guide is intended for a general overview of the courses required and is subject to change.*

Five Year Programs