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Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management combines the study and practice of successfully achieving organizational goals within businesses such as hotels, restaurants, attractions, tour companies, airlines, and other travel-related service providers. The hospitality industry is widely considered to be the core of the enormous travel and tourism sector, which employs nearly 220 million people and generates nearly ten percent of the world’s GDP, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. Given the rapid growth and increasing importance of the hospitality industry in the United States and abroad, high quality undergraduate and graduate degrees focused on hospitality or hotel management have proliferated in the last decade, supplying the industry with motivated professionals and leaders.

Master of Tourism Administration

GW offers an MTA in Washington, DC and through distance education. The MTA academic program for the hospitality management concentration can be found here.

Master of Business Administration

GW School of Business offers a Global MBA with a Knowledge Domain in Tourism, Hospitality, Event Management. For details, go here.

GW School of Business Professional MBA allows for up to 18 credit hours of electives to be taken in any hospitality field. For details, go here.

Ph.D. in Business Administration

Tourism and Hospitality Management may be taken as a field of study in the Ph.D. in business administration. For details, go here.