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Sustainable Tourism Destination Management

Sustainable Tourism Destination Management focuses on the comparative advantage and competitive positioning of tourist destinations enhanced by their commitment to sustainable development principles and practices. Emphasis is placed on minimizing the negative impacts of tourism and preserving cultural and natural resources, while optimizing tourism’s overall contribution to economic development in host communities.

Over the last decade, as far as travel and tourism is concerned, the roles and responsibilities of governments as well the private sector and civil society have been significantly altered. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, the current trend in almost all regions of the world is toward semi-public autonomous tourism organizations involving a partnership with the private sector and governmental authorities. Most importantly, the global trend towards decentralization of governance has created a need for new, flexible public-private sector approaches involving key stakeholders in order to enhance a local destination’s attractiveness, marketability, sustainability, service quality and overall competitiveness.

Click here for an introduction to Tourism Destination Management presented by Dr. Donald Hawkins

Sustainable destination management coursework may be taken at the Masters degree and professional certificate levels. Go to the links which follow for details.

Master of Tourism Administration

GW offers an MTA in Washington, DC and through distance education.

Electives related to sustainable destination management

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

GW School of Business offers a Global MBA with a Knowledge Domain in Tourism, Hospitality, Event and Sport Management. For details, go here.

GW’s School of Business Professional MBA allows for up to 18 credit hours of electives to be taken in the tourism and hospitality field. For details, go here.

PhD in Business Administration

Tourism and Hospitality Management may be taken as a field of study in the PhD in business administration. For details, go here.

Professional Certificate in Tourism Destination Management

For details, go here.