THE FOWLER COORDINATOR BLOG – 3 Ways To Get Started on Next Summer’s Internship Search

By Ryan Lasker

Yes, fall semester classes are just about to begin. Yes, you should be focusing your time on getting adjusted to your new classes, decorating your new room and reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen since May. But you also should be thinking about summer 2017, even if it seems so far away.

Internship application deadlines for next summer vary from early September (like one great program at Wells Fargo), to as late as May. With some deadlines approaching in just a few weeks, now is the time to get your resume updated with what you did last summer, and to start figuring out what type of internship or job you are looking for after the spring semester.

Here’s a quick to-do list to get you started:

  1. Do your own research

There is a myriad of resources online, like and, to help you find the ideal internship. Make a list of the internships to which you’re interested in applying, and paste the links into an Excel spreadsheet along with the deadlines. Many applications for competitive internships have fast-approaching deadlines, so it might even be helpful to plant those in your calendar so you don’t forget to send off that resume and cover letter.

  1. Visit the F. David Fowler Career Center

The staff at Fowler Career Center can help students refine their list of dream companies. They’ll also look over resumes and cover letters and make sure students know how to nail the interview and get the job.

  1. Don’t panic

The world does not revolve around fall, spring and summer internships. This is not the time to apply blindly to dozens of internships every day. Companies will post their internship openings will throughout the semester, so there is still time to hit on finding the perfect summer internship.  Make sure to keep up with any internships to which you do apply by following up with employers, but bear in mind that there are still more opportunities to come.


Start your semester out right by finding out what you’re looking for in an internship and letting coaches at the career center help you narrow your focus — but don’t forget that this is still the beginning of the semester, and summer is nine months away.