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Being a Fowler Coordinator

By: Christopher Cavalea

Two weeks ago, a student approached me after class and asked me a simple question: “What is it like being a Fowler Coordinator?” After staring blankly for a moment or two, I replied, “It’s hard to put into words.”

“What is it like being a Fowler Coordinator?”

As a Fowler Coordinator, I am on the front lines of the eternal battle between who we are as people, and who we are on paper. This battle is fought with resumes and cover letters, and is assisted by preparation and mentorship. The truth is, every student brings value, and every student deserves to be hired after graduation. Yet, when we look at the statistics, this is not the case. Students are often overlooked by recruiters, and often believe they are not deserving of the careers they desire. The primary role of a Fowler Coordinator is to reverse this thinking; to expose a student’s value, and help them communicate it to employers.

Working one-on-one with students, helping them understand the needs of employers, and humanizing the recruiting process is anything but easy. At times, it can feel like employers are speaking another language, foreign to even the worldliest linguists. However, through my experience as a coordinator, I have had the opportunity to watch students develop their strengths, and use those strengths to achieve their goals. I have had the opportunity to facilitate internal and external development, and see firsthand the difference proper instruction makes. This is where I am at a loss for words.

Being part of the Fowler Coordinator team is like being part of a highly successful sports team. Each of us, as individuals, is a thoughtful and driven professional with a passion for helping other students succeed. Yet, when we come together, we build off of each other rather than compete with one another. We generate new and innovative ideas, and learn about ourselves in the process. We work with leadership that is focused on our own needs, as well as those of the university. Unlike a sports team, “winning” is not determined by the number of balls in a net. Rather, it is the number of students who learned something new about themselves and their career path. It is the number of students who received interviews this semester who were overlooked last semester. It is the number of employers who have said, “We love GW.”

This is a position for those who want to develop their skills, those who love to teach, and those who have a passion for helping their fellow students.

The rewards for such a position are, as I have said before, hard to put into words.

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