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Keith William Diener

Keith William Diener

Title: Visiting Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy
Department: Strategic Management and Public Policy
Address: Funger Hall 201

Degrees: D.L.S., Georgetown University, 2014 (expected)
LL.M., George Washington University, 2007
J.D., Georgia State University, 2006
M.A., Georgia State University, 2006
B.A., University of North Carolina-Wilmington, 2003

Areas of Expertise: Business Law, Employment Law, Business Ethics, Law and Ethics, Legal Research and Writing, Corporate Social Responsibility


Diener, Keith William, The Road to Discrimination: Implications of the Thought of F.A. Hayek for Equal Employment Law, Journal of Employment and Labor Law (forthcoming March 2013).

Diener, Keith William, The Charitable Responsibilities Model of Corporate Social Responsibility, Journal of Academic and Business Ethics (Vol. 7 2012).

Diener, Keith William, The Fiddle of Nero: The Mythological Zero, ABA Int’l Trade C.N., June 2009, 2-4.

Diener, Keith William, The Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees under CISG: An Interpretation of Article 74, Nordic Journal of Commercial Law, November 2008, 1-65.

Diener, Keith William, et al, Competitive Conditions for Foreign Direct Investment in India, Cornell University ILR School (federal publications), July 2007, 1-154.

Diener, Keith William, A Defense of Soft Positivism: Justice and Principle Processes, Georgia State University ETD, May 2006, 1-60.

Diener, Keith William, Constitutional Interpretations and the Benefits of Meaning Originalism, 48 Dialogue #2-3, Apr 2006, 1-14.

2012 Academy of Legal Studies in Business Gaylord Jentz Award.
2011 Society for Business Ethics Founders' Award
2007 Clive M. Schmitthoff Writing Award

Current Research:
Interdisciplinary work in law and ethics; business ethics, business and employment law, intra-corporation obligations